Commissioners reappointed to Tauranga City Council

Minister Nanaia Mahuta has today announced the reappointment of four commissioners to the Tauranga City Council. File photo/SunLive.

Local Government Minister Nanaia Mahuta has today announced the reappointment of four commissioners to the Tauranga City Council.

“As the Council continues to face substantial infrastructure and funding challenges, it is clear that ensuring certainty for Tauranga is more important than ever,” says Nanaia Mahuta.

“The reappointment of the current Tauranga Commissioners will provide crucial continuity and stability as they work across the city and wider Bay of Plenty region.

I look forward to seeing them deliver on the 2024-34 long-term plan and investment opportunities, and I am confident that the trust and confidence that they are building between the Council and community will ensure a smooth transition back to locally elected representatives in July 2024,” they say.

The reappointed Tauranga commissioners are:

·       Anne Tolley, Chair of the Commission

·       Bill Wasley

·       Stephen Selwood

·       Shadrach Rolleston

“I want to acknowledge the significant work by the Commission to date, to ensure the best possible future for Tauranga.

They have demonstrated the ability to understand the needs of the community and what is required to deliver substantial and necessary change to a rapidly growing city,” says Mahuta.

The Tauranga Commission was appointed following an independent review in November 2020 which identified significant governance problems with the Council.

The commissioners have been in place since February 2021 and are now appointed for a further term until July 2024.

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I'm with Kancho.

Posted on 23-04-2022 14:27 | By morepork

Despite considering myself apolitical, there is no way I can vote for Labour after what has gone down.


Posted on 22-04-2022 14:18 | By

only till nanaia mahuta gets the three waters only then will we have a election

This is just the start...

Posted on 22-04-2022 13:34 | By Border Patrol

...this government and it’s allies are taking this country in a concerning direction. The Tauranga Council issue is a drop in the bucket compared to other agendas on their list. Anyone interested, read the article in Stuff today by Glenn McConnell re UNDRIP.


Posted on 22-04-2022 13:32 | By dumbkof2

kancho. hear hear

$1M to Tolley and crew

Posted on 22-04-2022 13:03 | By an_alias

So the kick backs continue for the un-elected and for all those who doubted there intent and continuing the cash cow, you have your answer. I’m surprised we didnt have some cheer leader trotted out to praise them.


Posted on 22-04-2022 12:28 | By morepork

Despite your scathing comments about Sun Live as a platform and about some of us here, can you now accept that you were NOT informed on this and, in fact, you are often MISinformed?

Hear! Hear! to Kancho.

Posted on 22-04-2022 12:25 | By morepork

There seems to be no alternative and , although it is drastic, I agree this government has to go. I just hope people will remember the litany of actions that have whittled away our chance at democratic participation and covertly sought to suppress our way of life based on choice.


Posted on 22-04-2022 11:14 | By dumbkof2

dosn’t matter what we the ratepayers want. just what tolley and mahuta want. there goes thousands more of our rate money down the drain. no wonder that put a 13.7% rate increase on top of last years increase

They need to go

Posted on 22-04-2022 10:33 | By Kancho

Seems the only tool left for us is to get rid of this government and start with the by election and a heavily reduced Labour vote. Th next general election being the path to this governments defeat for their many failures

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