Links Ave cul-de-sac trial running for four months

Roundabout at Solway Place and new road layout at Concord Avenue end of Links Avenue. Photo: Tauranga City Council.

The Links Avenue cul-de-sac trial is now underway.

Tauranga City Council say that infringement of the bus lanes that create the cul-de-sac will result in a fine of $150.

A temporary cul-de-sac has been established on Links Avenue, between Solway Place and Concord Avenue.

The trial works in a very similar way to the last trial, but there are some differences, says a council spokesperson.

"Thoroughfare is limited to emergency vehicles, buses, bikes, motorbikes, rubbish collection trucks, clearly marked taxis and delivery trucks.

"The bus lane has been removed and speed has been reduced on Links Avenue to 30kp/h.

"The road has been resealed and includes temporary road markings.

"The trial will run for at least four months to test the impact on the wider roading network and observe commuting behaviour over time."

For more information on the trial, visit the Tauranga City Council website.

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