More faces, more fanfare…

Which way Tauranga city voters will walk in the upcoming by-election remains to be seen. Photo: SunLive.

Three more people have surfaced in regards to the Tauranga by-election, set for June.

Former deputy mayor Kelvin Clout and former Tauranga City councillor Matt Cowley are both publicly running in the selection process for National’s candidate – and this party is sticking to its candidate announcement date of early-May.

The New Conservative Party has announced on Monday it will stand its co-leader Helen Houghton as a candidate.

Matt announced his nomination for the National Party candidate selection process for the 2022 Tauranga by-election on Wednesday morning. Matt says he is looking forward to participating in the National Party's selection process, particularly in the contest of ideas with the other nominees.

“I will make further statements on my policy positions if I am selected as the National Party's candidate. I respect the National Party’s process and I have full confidence in the local membership to reach a good decision. As I am currently employed as CEO of the Tauranga Business Chamber, I am working with the Chamber Board to limit my role during the election process to ensure the Chamber maintains political neutrality.”

New Conservative’s Helen Houghton currently lives in Christchurch, but the party has stated she will move to Tauranga for the duration of the campaign.  “She will work hard to make the people of Tauranga aware of the policies of New Conservative and how they relate to their electorate.”

Helen believes New Conservative is the consistent, conservative choice for Tauranga.

“We are not distracted by the whims of a few that have caused other parties to lose their true identity. We stand for family, freedom, and facts over feelings – feelings change but facts do not. I am looking forward to meeting and talking with the Tauranga voters and taking their concerns to Parliament," says Helen.

Meanwhile, last Friday, former Deputy Mayor of Tauranga, Kelvin Clout, publicly voiced his intention to stand for the position of the National Party’s candidate for the by-election.

Kelvin was Tauranga’s Deputy Mayor from 2013 to 2019, which he says gave him unrivalled insights into Tauranga’s many issues, challenges and opportunities.

“Tauranga’s next MP needs a detailed grasp of our local issues, and strong connections with the diverse sectors that hold a stake in our city’s exciting future,” says Kelvin, who has been an active member and supporter of the National Party for many years.

Helen, as a confirmed candidate, joins six others that will run in the upcoming by-election – they are past by-election candidate Peter Wakeman, Tauranga City Councillor Andrew Hollis, the Act Party’s Cameron Luxton, The Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party’s Christopher Coker, The Labour Party’s Jan Tinetti and The NZ Outdoors & Freedoms Party’s Sue Grey.

But despite these seven already confirming their candidacies, the National Party is sticking to its timeline to select its candidate on May 1.

With nominations closing on April 13, National Party president Peter Goodfellow says nominees will now go through several ‘meet the candidates’ meetings across the electorate late-April before a final selection meeting on May 1.  Polling day for the by-election is set for Saturday, June 18.


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Posted on 21-04-2022 14:34 | By peanuts9

You may hope for, what you call, democracy to happen but this is Tauranga we are talking about. Not only do by-elections have low voter participation but Tauranga is even more apathetic. They may vote to keep someone out but the vast majority don’t care who holds the seat. They see nothing in it for them and, with those who have so far, expressed an interest, they have even less to offer Joe/ jean Public. This applies to national as well as local body elections.

@ morepork

Posted on 19-04-2022 20:19 | By Yadick

Great comment. Well put. I agree totally with you. Out of interest, what is this He Puapua you often speak of?


Posted on 19-04-2022 12:35 | By morepork

Despite the less than staggering selection so far, we HAVE to vote. Co-governance must be stopped, He Puapua must be stopped, this government must be stopped. Democracy has to be restored and that won’t happen UNLESS you vote. A message needs to be sent to Mahuta, that Tauranga will not just roll over and accept all the nonsense that has been forced on us. Even if candidates are not what we might want, it is better than doing nothing, and some of these candidates may grow into the job... I would urge EVERYONE to vote against the current government. Make it loud and clear that Tauranga is still here...


Posted on 18-04-2022 08:33 | By peanuts9

Help!!!!! What a choice. I can predict miniscule voter participation.

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