Unknown substance causes coughing, bar evacuation

Worlds End Bar & Restaurant was evacuated following a group of people experiencing a coughing fit after substance was thrown on seating. Photos: Cameron Avery.

A bar at the Fraser Cove Shopping Centre has been cordoned off following an incident which is being attended by Police and other emergency services.

A SunLive reporter at the scene says that the area around the Worlds End Bar & Restaurant in Fraser Street has been cordoned off.

"There is a group of about five people outside that have been coughing their lungs up," says the SunLive reporter.

"The whole place is cordoned off and it's been evacuated. There's five police cars and ten officers here. The people are coughing up quite badly."

An ambulance and fire emergency services are also at the scene.

"There are four fire appliances including a Hazmat appliance, and one critical care ambulance. They think that the group of patrons are coughing severely due to inhaling an unknown substance."

"We understand that some sort of substance has been thrown on some seating, possibly outside the bar," says a Police spokesperson.

"The bar has been evacuated as a precaution."

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