Tauranga Wi-Fi first city

Tauranga’s entire CBD now has free high-speed wireless internet access allowing people to connect seamlessly both indoors and out – the first city in New Zealand to offer such widespread coverage.

Internet provider EOL has established comprehensive Wi-Fi zones across Tauranga’s CBD which boast internet speeds up to 20 times faster than those found at smaller Wi-Fi hotspots elsewhere around the country.

Managing director Terry Coles says the company’s network of sophisticated wireless transmitters is the only Wi-Fi technology in New Zealand capable of creating a seamless zone, unlike traditional Wi-Fi hotspots.

“It offers huge advantages to people who are moving around from inside to outside and want to stay connected wherever they are. This makes Tauranga the first true Wi-Fi city in New Zealand.”

Most cities in New Zealand provide Wi-Fi hotspots in certain locations which typically have a 15m range indoors and 50m range outdoors.

Terry says EOL’s industrial-strength wireless repeaters will grant internet access within a one square kilometer radius.

“The other big difference is that most Wi-Fi hotspots run at only 1-2 Mbps, whereas our Wi-Fi zones provide up to 20Mbps speed depending on the size of the mobile device being used and its distance from the access point.”

EOL’s Wi-Fi zones in downtown Tauranga will grant internet access to laptops in an area ranging from Cameron Rd down to the water’s edge along The Strand and from Monmouth St in the north to First Ave in the south.

Smartphones, tablets and other smaller devices will also have coverage across most of the CBD.

“EOL has provided public internet access in Tauranga’s CBD for a number of years now but we are thrilled to have filled in the last few gaps so people can now enjoy continuous internet access when they’re out and about.”

He says this development is part of EOL’s on-going commitment to ensure Tauranga residents have access to the very latest technology.

The locally-owned company was the first to hook Tauranga customers up to the Government’s new Ultra-Fast Broadband network earlier this month, and is always looking for ways to make internet access faster, easier and more affordable.

In addition to its free Wi-Fi zones, EOL also offers a secure service option which costs $10 for a one day pass (or 150MB limit). Five other passes offering different time limits and data caps are also available, with a maximum 30 day pass (or 2GB) costing $50.

To connect to EOL’s new Wi-Fi zones in downtown Tauranga, simply look for the network ID ‘EOL_Public_Wi-Fi” on your mobile device.

“Once you’ve connected successfully the first time, your device will automatically connect you every time you’re in range, anywhere on our network.”

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great idea

Posted on 29-07-2012 19:27 | By traceybjammet

make for a great place to study be lovely down the waterfront excellent idea

thanks EOL

Posted on 29-07-2012 12:43 | By tmc

I hope now that we have free wifi downtown, tourism and accomodation providers pick up on it and let the world know. After spending weeks last year travelling around Europe I was thrilled with the number of places that had free wifi. We never had to go far to be able to get online on our own devices and its particularly important when you are travelling for extended periods to be able to keep in touch with family and to find everything from from a bed for the night or the highlights to see in the area. After that experience I feel New Zealand has been slow on the uptake with not too many businesses offering it to their customers.


Posted on 28-07-2012 14:01 | By penguin

Remember that unless you buy the secure service, you are vulnerable and “public” when using the free version!

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