Spate of vehicle thefts causing concern

Inspector Phil Gillbanks. File photo.

Bay of Plenty Police are concerned about a spate of vehicle thefts across the wider BOP and Waikato areas.

"Police are committed to actively investigating vehicle theft and holding offenders to account. However, Police cannot be everywhere at once and cannot deter opportunistic thieves on our own," says Inspector Phil Gillbanks.

"We urge people to take preventative measures in order to prevent their car from being stolen in the first place."

Thieves are targeting Mazda Demio, Nissan Tiida, Toyota Aqua, Toyota Corolla, Mazda Attenza, Subaru Legacy.

They are predominantly stolen by young people and are being used for joy-riding, and conducting aggravated burglaries of liquor stores, suburban dairies and large retail stores, says Phil.

Some offenders are as young as 12 years old, which raises serious concerns about the safety of the child, their passengers, and the public.

"Police are seeking the help of vehicle owners to make their vehicles less attractive for theft.

"We encourage vehicle owners to take the following prevention measures:

1.Ensure the vehicle is parked off the road, out of sight, or in secure car parking where possible

2.Fit an after-market vehicle alarm or vehicle immobilizer

3.Use a steering wheel lock at all times – purchase from any automotive store for less than $100

"With the public’s help, Police and partner agencies can continue to hold these young offenders to account, while also supporting them on a better path away from future offending."

If you notice suspicious activity around cars, please contact Police on 111 if it is happening and 105 after the fact.

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Cops need help with this...

Posted on 15-04-2022 16:51 | By morepork

...and they’re not getting it because the parents of the kids who are doing it couldn’t care less... The parents should be responsible for crimes committed by their kids and they should pay the full penalties. (If you think about it, the lack of responsibility shown by the kids, is a direct result of never having being shown what responsibility means, or the concept of respect for other people’s property, by the parents. Fix the parents and the kids will fall in line. If a joyride means reparations made to the victim by the kid, and a hiding from Dad (not that I condone that; just being realistic...) kids would be less inclined to risk it...

Parents must shape up!

Posted on 14-04-2022 10:18 | By Ben Dover

Any parents who have children involved in crimes such as these have no care or control and therefore not fit and proper people to have children!

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