Matt Cowley throws hat in by-election ring

Tauranga Business Chamber CEO Matt Cowley.

Former Tauranga City councillor Matt Cowley is putting his nomination forward to represent the National Party in the upcoming by-election in June.

The Tauranga Business Chamber CEO joins former deputy mayor Kelvin Clout as a potential candidate for National – the party is currently going through a selection process and is sticking to its candidate announcement date of early-May.

Cowley says he is looking forward to participating in the National Party's selection process, particularly in the contest of ideas with the other nominees.

“I will make further statements on my policy positions if I am selected as the National Party's candidate. I respect the National Party’s process and I have full confidence in the local membership to reach a good decision.

"As I am currently employed as CEO of the Tauranga Business Chamber, I am working with the Chamber Board to limit my role during the election process to ensure the Chamber maintains political neutrality.”

Once chosen, the National Party candidate will join the seven already confirmed candidates.

Those are New Conservative Party co-leader Helen Houghton, past by-election candidate Peter Wakeman, Tauranga City Councillor Andrew Hollis, Labour Party's Jan Tinetti, the Act Party’s Cameron Luxton, The Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party’s Christopher Coker, and The NZ Outdoors & Freedoms Party Sue Grey.

With nominations closing today, National Party president Peter Goodfellow says nominees will now go through several ‘meet the candidates’ meetings across the electorate late-April before a final selection meeting on May 1.

Polling day for the by-election is set for Saturday, June 18.

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National possibles...

Posted on 15-04-2022 16:58 | By morepork

... don’t seem to have much to say on policy. I guess it is early days, but a couple of local Businessmen, with similar views and alignment, doesn’t seem a broad choice. Still waiting for a statement on "co-governance" and He Puapua and suggested counter measures. National need to step up here, and so far, it seems that only ACT recognizes the systematic destruction of a Democracy and will talk about it.

It's getting interesting...

Posted on 13-04-2022 14:05 | By morepork

I’d hate to think that we are so bankrupt of suitable people that we can’t raise a decent selection. Will be watching National’s final choice with much interest.

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