Bloomfield stepping down from Director-General job

Dr Ashley Bloomfield. Photo: ROBERT KITCHIN/Stuff

Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield will step down from the Ministry of Health in July, after leading the country through the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Public Service Commission announced Bloomfield’s resignation on Wednesday.

Public Service Commissioner Peter Hughes says Dr Bloomfield had done an outstanding job leading the Government’s health response to Covid-19 and the vaccination rollout.

Dr Bloomfield signalled with the Commissioner late last year he intended to step down before his term officially ended on June 11, 2023.

New Zealand is in a strong position because of its response to Covid-19 and its high vaccination rates.

Dr Bloomfield has played a vital role in New Zealand’s success. At this stage in the Government’s COVID-19 response, and at the beginning of significant changes to the health and disability sector, Dr Bloomfield feels July is a good time to step away and have an extended break.

“Dr Bloomfield has worked tirelessly for more than two years to keep New Zealanders safe from coronavirus,” says Hughes.

“Dr Bloomfield has demonstrated remarkable resilience and courage in leading the health system’s overall response to Covid-19. That response has saved lives.

“I thank Dr Bloomfield for his commitment to public service, his spirit of service to the community and his exceptional contribution to New Zealand’s Covid-19 response. I know many New Zealanders will also be thankful for the job he has done.

“Dr Bloomfield always wanted to stay until New Zealand was in a good place with coronavirus. That time is now.”

The Commissioner will appoint an acting Director-General before Dr Bloomfield finishes on July 29, 2022.

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Posted on 07-04-2022 08:36 | By Slim Shady

There is more to these resignations. The top 3 don’t all just resign at the same time for no reason. I’m not buying the spin about being tired. They will be taking up other jobs, most likely overseas. Not tired.

Terry Hall & TheCameltoeKid

Posted on 07-04-2022 07:07 | By Peter Johnston

Jacinda Ardern has been the best PM in my voting lifetime. She has led NZ through the worst crisis in since WW2 & until Omicron got out of control (& not her fault but the fault of NZers who refused to obey the rules). The worst Govt by far was John Key’s as it was a do nothing Govt, followed by Rob Muldoon’s.


Posted on 06-04-2022 14:45 | By terry hall

Ardern, should go with him and a few more, the worse government nz has had they have slowly destroyed nz .

Thank You Doctor

Posted on 06-04-2022 14:15 | By Yadick

For all you have given to New Zealand. You deserve a Knighthood for all you have given.

These ones

Posted on 06-04-2022 13:02 | By Merlin

@ By TheCameltoeKid These ones have already left by way of resignation before completing their elected term Key, English,Joyce, Coleman, Kay, Adams, Smith, and now Bridges. They have already gone. Also 5 leadership changes since John Key. When is it going to stop I wonder.

I hope...

Posted on 06-04-2022 12:11 | By morepork

...he gets a knighthood. Leaving politics out of it, that man did more above and beyond the call of duty, even when surrounded by a mostly incompetent administration, and there is no doubt that he saved the lives of many NZers. "...The Commissioner will appoint an acting Director-General ..." Yes, of course they will... This Government is really good at that.

Ardern needs to follow

Posted on 06-04-2022 11:13 | By TheCameltoeKid

The people that really need to go are David Clarke for breaking Covid lockdown rules and Ardern for leading the most incompetent Government in modern times.

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