Council to provide half price bus fares

All Bay of Plenty Regional Council contracted bus services, including Bayhopper, Cityride and Eastern Bay services, will have half price concession and cash fares. File photo.

Bay of Plenty bus fares will be half price for three months from this Friday as the Government-funded discount on public transport fares initiative begins.

All Bay of Plenty Regional Council contracted bus services, including Bayhopper, Cityride and Eastern Bay services, will have half price concession and cash fares.

The discounted fares will apply from Friday, April 1, until Thursday, June 30, across all council funded routes in Tauranga, Rotorua, Eastern Bay of Plenty, Omokoroa, Katikati and Waihī Beach services.

This includes route 85 Town Connector and all Tertiary Services: 101, 102, 103, 104 and 105.  The half price scheme will also include Total Mobility services, up to the $25 per trip limit.

Bay of Plenty Regional Council Public Transport Committee Chair, Andrew von Dadelszen, says the half price fares initiative will be a great way to support existing and new bus users across the Bay of Plenty.

“We are really pleased to be providing half price bus fares to the community over the next three months, and if people haven’t already, we strongly recommend they use this opportunity to get their Bee Card and give the bus services a go.

“Total Mobility fares and other concession types are included in this support package, so a wide range of people will be able to enjoy the cheaper travel.”

The Government recently announced  half price public transport fares, for a three-month period. Their transport package aims to support Kiwis through the current international energy crisis and rising costs of living.

Bee cards cost $5 and can be obtained from Regional Council offices in Tauranga, Rotorua and Whakatāne. 

Bee cards enable faster boarding and offer cheaper fares than the cash equivalent on most routes.

 Due to the impacts of Omicron, bus services in Tauranga are temporarily operating on a reduced timetable, so passengers are strongly encouraged to check the Baybus website at each time they travel for any updates to the timetables, or call 0800 4 BAYBUS for the latest information.

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Oppose free by bus

Posted on 08-04-2022 17:16 | By Kancho

Half fair is a government ploy for a short while as is the fuel reduction but will go back up soon. It was just a gesture as inflation was hitting double that of Australia and that’s a reflection of a lot of Labours policies. Inflation continues with added costs to businesses and landlords that will push up prices further . Ratepayers still have to subsidize buses empty or not. Totally free buses was trialed and abused as mentioned. People riding around for no reason, being antisocial etc.

It would be useful...

Posted on 02-04-2022 11:15 | By groutby Kancho has commented,to know if this actually increase patronage of the service, perhaps then we can all make informed decisions and maybe even change our mind over buses and their use in the community as the service stands. However, I would ask the figures when made available and true and ’fudging’ please !

Rarely is anything what it appears

Posted on 02-04-2022 08:38 | By Murray.Guy

Bus fares are already heavily subsidized by the homeowner / business owner, and ’more than affordable’ to the user. This initiative is ’nothing more’ than a precursor to syphoning more money of ratepayers for the provision of bus transport at NO COST to the user, with authorities and bus users desperate to validate the obscene costs associated with empty buses. Needless to say, the demand for a free service will be labelled ’a trial’.


Posted on 02-04-2022 07:17 | By Slim Shady

Everything is half price. Until reality hits and all of a sudden everything costs a fortune. Every Socialist Government in history, in every country, always does the same thing and it always ends the same way.

Just great!!

Posted on 01-04-2022 16:31 | By The Professor

The ratepayers already pick up the losses for public transport in our we have to pick up even more.


Posted on 01-04-2022 16:31 | By Let's get real

Shouldn’t the headline read ... RATEPAYERS TO PROVIDE HALF PRICE BUS FARES....?

I wonder

Posted on 01-04-2022 15:58 | By Kancho

Whether this will increase patronage. There are probably reports on usage at regular intervals but not sure if ever published? It would be interesting for two reasons . What is the normal bus use and is fares the problem. For me it’s mostly time regards trips, and bus changing weather, etc . Occasional use only really as most places it takes too long.

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