Street racer op: nine cars seized & 200 fines

Mass car meets are a regular occurrence at the intersection of Orini and Stokes roads in Waikato. Photo: KELLY HODEL/STUFF.

Police impounded nine vehicles and issued more than 200 infringement notices when around 500 street racers gathered in Hamilton over the weekend.

Waikato road policing manager Inspector Jeff Penno says four people were charged with driving with excess breath alcohol.

“Police took a zero-tolerance approach, focusing not only on dangerous and illegal driving, but also driver compliance with driver licence conditions and vehicle safety standards,” he said in a statement.

“More than 200 infringement notices issued over the two nights.”

Police had heard that an event involving hundreds of illegal street racers was being planned in Waikato and they recruited more than 50 staff from Waikato, Bay of Plenty and Counties Manukau to help with the operation.

Nine vehicles were impounded for sustained loss of traction and licencing offences, and numerous vehicles were ordered off the road with significant vehicle faults.

A car is impounded for 28 days. In order for it to be released at the end of that time, the owner has to pay the towing company's towing and storage fees.

Depending on the offence committed, there may also be a fine, but the release of the car is not dependent on the fine being paid.

Penno says the vast majority of the group are vehicle enthusiasts and don’t cause any real concerns or break the law.

“But these gatherings seem to encourage factions within these groups who undertake reckless and illegal acts that put other road users and themselves at risk and cause significant damage to roading infrastructure.”

He says that more than 70 vehicles have been impounded by Waikato Police in the past 12 months as a result of police following up on information provided from the public, or CCTV footage supplied.

Further operations are planned, building on the success of these latest actions.

-Stuff/Jo Lines-MacKenzie.


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Posted on 31-03-2022 09:10 | By Yadick

I do not in any way agree with the actions of these so-called boy racers and am pleased to see them targeted. I agree totally with the comment below from ’Honesty is the best Policy’ BUT if it’s good enough to target these self entitled idiots then why are the gangs and others with these illegally loud bikes not being targeted as well. Riding our streets with nothing but intimidation, self entitlement and anarchy on their minds. No helmets, armed and pathetic but getting away with it. If you’re going to target one then target all.

Fines ha!

Posted on 30-03-2022 17:51 | By Kancho

I have a boy racer in extended family. He got multiple fines he never paid. Ultimately he got some PD but the hours against the debt was hundreds per hour. He also skipped some of the time and also sent home early etc . So not really great. I think he now owes even more in child support and knows how to play the system. So fines may work for honest people not those who play the system. They took one car but seemingly it didn’t pay much of the accumulated fines. Still at least a start. Now how about the 160 cars a month stolen in Rotorua ?

About time

Posted on 30-03-2022 16:15 | By Honesty is the best Policy



Posted on 30-03-2022 11:03 | By Let's get real

The current commissioner of police seems to have a "hands off" approach to large gatherings and gang activities. This only acts to encourage the extreme activities of some that attach themselves to these groups. Many would never behave like a neanderthal on their own and seek the safety and acclaim of a crowd to encourage their acts of petty rebellion and childishness. Great to see a different approach to large gatherings of antisocial behaviour.

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