David Holland: Police exhaust all lines of enquiry

David Holland. Photo: Supplied/Stuff.

Search teams looking for missing Pāpāmoa man David Holland have "exhausted available lines of enquiry at this time".

Friends believe the 31-year-old was planning a swim close to home near the end of Pacific View Road, where there is access to Pāpāmoa Beach.

Despite an intensive search along the dunes of Pāpāmoa Beach on the weekend, there were no clues or trace of the Tauranga doctor.

Extensive searches have been made of the area in an effort to understand what might have happened to David, who was last seen on the evening of Friday, March 11.

"To date, nothing of note has been found that would give us any clues as to David's whereabouts or movements," says a police spokesperson.

"Further searching cannot occur without evidence to narrow any areas of interest."

The search is still being reviewed and Police will assess any new information received.

"We are still appealing to anyone with information about David's movements or whereabouts to come forward."

Anyone who can help should call 105 and quote file number 220312/6869.

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How Sad

Posted on 29-03-2022 18:29 | By Yadick

Condolences to his family and friends. Here’s hoping he’s OK and has just gone to ground for a break from a VERY taxing job. Hope he just contacts someone, anyone just to say he’s OK and just needs a break from people.

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