Tauranga by-election date to be set soon

People will have a number of issues to consider when selecting Tauranga's next MP. File photo/SunLive.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says she doesn’t think Labour will win the by-election in Tauranga.

And she promises to set a date for the by-election soon, saying she is seeking one point of clarification with the Electoral Commission.

Her comments come just before the National Party, which is likely to win the seat, open its nomination process.

Asked if Labour has a shot of winning the seat, Ardern notes it has not done so since 1935.

“We’ve been very clear. This is a seat that hasn’t been held by Labour since the 1930s. So we don’t expect there to be a change from that fairly strong record in one direction.”

The by-election, which will cost around $1m, was sparked by the resignation of former National leader Simon Bridges from Parliament. An MP will replace him in Parliament, but will not change anything about who is in Government.

Ardern gets to set the exact election date as prime minister, but says she has not quite got that date yet.

She has been presented with possible dates by the Electoral Commission, but is seeking to have one question clarified.

National or one of its predecessor parties Reform have largely held the seat since it was re-established in 1908, other than for one term after Labour’s landslide victory in 1935, and between 1993 and 2005, when it was held by Winston Peters as leader of NZ First.

Peters had formerly held the seat as an MP for the National Party. He declined to comment when asked by Stuff if he might stand again.

Despite this strong record of losses, Labour actually won the party vote in Tauranga in 2020, and came within 2000 votes of winning the seat itself. But it has seen its party vote support drop in the polls since that historic win.

Labour’s Jan Tinetti, who lost the seat but came into Parliament on the list, says she's keen to stand again.

National Party President Peter Goodfellow says nominations for the party’s candidate would open on March 29 and close on April 13.

“Tauranga needs a strong local champion, and we look forward to our members delivering that candidate,” he says.

Once candidate nominations close, nominees will go through several “meet the candidates” meetings, before a final selection meeting is held on May 1.

-Stuff/Henry Cook.

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@Slim Shady

Posted on 31-03-2022 13:41 | By morepork

This is one of your best... LOL! That would be SO inline with the "co-governance" policy she is promoting. Maybe she can find a cuzzie to do the job...

@Let's get real

Posted on 31-03-2022 13:39 | By morepork

Obviously, I never saw that and understand your POV. My respect for her is based on several debates I saw her in where she was reasoned and sensible. (It is so rare in candidates these days; mostly it’s whoever shouts the loudest must be rightest, and destroying the opposition takes preference over formulating positive policies that could benefit everyone. Anyway, it’s moot because as long as she’s with Labour she can’t get my vote. This Government HAS to be changed and He Puapua HAS to be stopped.

Blue people

Posted on 29-03-2022 20:45 | By SonnyJim

Nothing like blowing up the obvious into a bit of political biffo. Tauranga electorate is solid blue, yet blue commentators still come out swinging with innuendo, faked allegiances, and nitpicking when the electorate will stay blue anyway - Oh heck, is that Winston with his paddle looking over the fence?


Posted on 29-03-2022 18:59 | By Bob Landy

She’s got something right. Well done.


Posted on 29-03-2022 17:03 | By FRANKS

Agree with Morepork 100%.


Posted on 29-03-2022 17:00 | By Let's get real

I vowed to never support Tinetti after witnessing a protest demonstration with the current list MP surrounded by primary school children. That was enough for me to understand her character and the way she views the world of education.


Posted on 29-03-2022 16:04 | By Slim Shady

What was her ‘point of clarification’ with the EC? Was she asking if she could just install a MP of her choosing?

She got that right.

Posted on 29-03-2022 13:55 | By morepork

At least the PM is in touch with the reality of Tauranga. I wonder if it will cause her to stop and look at what led to this situation. The litany of bad decisions, the secretive implementation of Democracy replacement, to appease the Maori and Green parties who she wants "on side". Tauranga won’t be National from "force of habit". It will be because we have had to put up with watching our rights be undermined and having no say in that process. Jan Tinetti is a good candidate, but it simply isn’t possible to vote for Labour in Tauranga at the moment. The deep divisions and bitterness that Labour policy has brought about, the disrespect and repression of our rights by the Commission, the serious move to tribal tikana and "co-governance" as the "new wave" for our country, without any consultation or consideration, is simply unacceptable in Tauranga.


Posted on 29-03-2022 13:29 | By dumbkof2

can’t see them winning the general election either


Posted on 29-03-2022 11:27 | By Let's get real

If Tinetti stands for election and loses, can we expect to lose her from parliament as well...? Probably not... But isn’t it interesting to hear the rabble leadership getting the excuses out early, even though the local community has changed vastly over the last 90 years... From baches at the beach for farmers to a burgeoning industrial area with the countries busiest port and extensive retirement complexes catering to an ageing population on fixed incomes. You’d expect at least a little effort if they thought that they were doing a great job. Wouldn’t you????

Time to send a message

Posted on 29-03-2022 08:45 | By Kancho

I have voted for Labour every election but it’s time to wake up and never vote for them again. It’s not about the person standing but the party and their policies and their performance. Labour have been a lot of talk but little changes in four and a half years . In fact most everything is worse. For the first time I fear for the future and divisiveness polices. So many failures in so many government departments. Health, Education, Policing, Housing, child poverty, and for us interference in democractic processes . Four and a half years of Labour but they need to be told the will of course he people is democracy not their ministers nor commissioners.

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