Tolley keen to stay at the helm in Tauranga

Commision chair Anne Tolley with her fellow commissioners. Photo: John Borren/SunLive.

Tauranga City Council commission chair Anne Tolley has indicated she wants to continue in her current role.

She says she’d be “surprised” if the current four-person commission is broken up by Local Government Minister Nanaia Mahuta.

The commissioners were installed by Mahuta in February last year to lead the council and replace a “dysfunctional” administration beset by name-calling and petty politics.

Tolley was joined by Bill Wasley, Stephen Selwood and Shadrach Rolleston.

An announcement by Mahuta earlier this month confirmed the model would remain in place in New Zealand’s fifth-largest city until July 2024, but early suggestions pointed at the possibility of some new faces on the commission.

However, Tolley has confirmed she will be “very happy” to stay on in the role alongside Wasley, Selwood and Rolleston, who are equally keen to remain in their current positions.

“Cabinet will make their own decisions, but we’ve all indicated to the Minister that we’re happy to continue and we want to continue,” says Tolley.

“It has to go to a cabinet decision, but I will be surprised if they changed any of the commission because the whole idea is built around continuity and certainty of direction.”

The Tauranga electorate had been expecting a return to a traditional voting model, with local elections originally pencilled in for October 2022.

Those plans were quashed when Mahuta announced the commission’s extension earlier this month, citing their understanding of “what is required to deliver significant and necessary change to a rapidly growing city.

At the time of her announcement, Mahuta said: “They have acted on many hard decisions that are essential to building a prosperous and sustainable future for Tauranga. But it is clear there is more to be done.”

Now Tolley remains confident that the current set-up will be given the green light to continue in a move that she says would add “complete certainty” to the situation.

“I’d be very happy to stay on and I’m committed to seeing it through to July 2024,” says the former National MP.

“It’s important to us that Tauranga is a great city. I’ve spent 15 years working on the Eastern Bay’s economic development and all of it relies on Tauranga being a major city with the country’s major port.

“The other commissioners feel the same, and once cabinet’s process of appointment goes through, then hopefully we will have complete certainty.”

Tolley has confirmed that they expect a formal decision to be made on the make-up of the commission by the end of March.

-Stuff/Dan Sheridan.

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So, Informed, was NOT so well informed?

Posted on 23-03-2022 19:00 | By morepork

"Informed" stated a little while ago that there would be a change of representation on the Commission. I guess Informed couldn’t believe the outrageous gravy train Tolley is on. Believe it now.


Posted on 23-03-2022 18:57 | By morepork

Your response is exactly right. She SHOULD stand for election if she is so keen. But, of course, she’d take a cut in salary of around 66%...

Snouts in trough

Posted on 23-03-2022 17:59 | By michelem

Tolley keen to stay at the helm in Tauranga: I’ll bet she does at $1800 a day and over $300k invoiced in expenses already, just to rubber stamp the decisions of the council displaced because they weren’t up to the job.

Tolley staying on

Posted on 23-03-2022 15:31 | By surfsup

It’s debatable whether anything has been achieved by the commissioners. What I can say is trying to get Local Council to actually respond to a complaint instead of " passing it on" is frustrating as a ratepayer. Sort out the basics and forget the grand downtown development. Give me value for money on my rates and I will be happy.

Smiling all the way to the bank

Posted on 23-03-2022 13:22 | By Omni

They all look very happy. Unfortunately ratepayers likely not only help fund their extravagant wages and expenses, we also still can’t seem to get basic community requirements (ie decent footpaths, more pedestrian crossings/pedestrian refuges or help with even basic with issues (tagging, dumping of rubbish, crime etc) Let alone decent roading and other important issues like making our community safer for all. I think everyone deserves more and most people appear tired of paying hand-over-foot for part time commissioners to do, well, nothing substantial. Time for some fresh local faces and new motivated people who live in our community to be employed in proper Council roles, that actually want to make real community improvements to enrich the lives of the people who live, work and visit here, all the while considering the communities needs along with being fiscally conservative and responsible before using/spending community money.

$ $ $

Posted on 23-03-2022 11:59 | By davidt5

At her rate of pay I would also stay in the job. How does one go about getting on to this gravy train?

Tolley designed Three waters

Posted on 23-03-2022 09:55 | By an_alias

Is that correct SunLive, my search shows she did in 2015. So you think she will be neutral in deciding our fate ? Man and we have all these people specially selected to praise these guys and then published.

WOW what a surprise

Posted on 23-03-2022 09:54 | By an_alias

So confirmation from the horses mouth, $1800 a day please and another $364k in the bank. Just for those who doubted how sincere Tolley is. Labour and National working together to improve there own pockets. What a surprise.

new team required

Posted on 23-03-2022 09:51 | By hapukafin

I would say most of the rate payers would stay in a job doing just a few days aweek and getting over $1m plus expenses.

I bet she is

Posted on 23-03-2022 07:40 | By The Sage

$1800 per day plus $750 per week accomodation expenses, plus incidentals. It’s a good gig if you can get it.

Keen for the dollars

Posted on 23-03-2022 07:08 | By Johnney

If she is so keen then let’s have an election and let her stand for council or mayor. This is what we call democracy, not the current dictatorial system.

Of course she does!!

Posted on 23-03-2022 06:48 | By The Professor

No wonder she wants to remain in place given the extortionate salary she is drawing for a part-time (200 days) work!!

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