Councillors defy mayor‘s climate action opposition

Thames-Coromandel District Council. Photo: Sally Steedman.

Thames Coromandel district councillors have defied their mayor's opposition to signing the Climate Leaders Declaration.

They've voted for another elected member to sign anyway.

In 2017 Local Government New Zealand started asking councils to commit, on paper, to focus on reducing climate change.

This included promoting walking and public transport, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and supporting renewable energy use.

But Thames Coromandel district mayor Sandra Goudie refused to sign.

Local Government New Zealand has now told the council another leader can sign, if most councillors support this.

This morning all councillors besides the mayor nominated and approved councillor Martin Rodley, to sign instead.

The mayor responded saying: "I don't believe anyone should be signing this document and I don't believe we meet the decision-making criteria of the Local Government Act."

Mayor Goudie has been concerned about the financial impact of signing the declaration and "a quantum of cost".


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Posted on 27-03-2022 19:03 | By morepork

I always read your posts here and find myself in agreement most times. But this time we differ. I’m sorry to see your downbeat position on Mankind, although I understand how you’ve come to it. There’s no denying we can be a rotten lot. But we can also produce great works of art, music, literature, and Humans show themselves capable of great kindness, compassion, and nobility. The same advances that brought us nuclear energy will take us to the stars (if we survive long enough), and it is up to us whether we choose to make bombs or power stations. Starvation is a distribution problem, not a production one. I agree we are not going to cure anger and greed overnight, but we should at least try. Despite the terrible things going on, people have not stopped having babies and each one is a new hope. Kia Kaha!


Posted on 25-03-2022 13:22 | By Kancho

Human nature means nothing has changed in centuries except population growth and depletion of resources. Technology has actually hastened our demise. Mining for cobalt, lithium etc to make batteries , burning of coal , oil etc to manufacture so much that booming population both needs but a whole lot desired but not needed. But Still death by starvation, war, exploitation as great or greater than ever . I see no hope for mankind as humans are not as advanced as they make out. NZ may spend whatever to feel good but really farting against thunder. One year of our efforts gone in a few days worldwide . One forest fire , one volcano eruption all gone. I give man about two hundred years max before destruction by probably war for simple resources. The earth will continue without the pestilence of humans unless it all goes with a meteor shower.


Posted on 24-03-2022 14:16 | By morepork

Whether or not the climate change is part of a natural pattern or has been caused by Mankind, it is real, and we have to do something about it. NZ has to contribute or we are distancing ourselves from the effort in the rest of the World. New technologies for energy and food production will cover what Humankind needs, and it won’t necessarily be achieved using the current methods. The main thing holding us back at the moment is the fact that production is in the hands of a small elite who don’t want alternative solutions rocking their lucrative apple carts. Nikola Tesla showed in the 1920s that unlimited energy can be obtained from the void at no cost, (his idea was suppressed BECAUSE it was free...) and vertical farming is already proving viable to feed cities... We should support current efforts.

I'm with the mayor

Posted on 22-03-2022 19:56 | By Kancho

NZ will spend money we don’t even have on climate change But the climate constantly changes and whether we accelerate it or not is irrelevant. The world current population is struggling at 7.9 billion . The sustainable world population is currently estimated at between 9 to 10 billion. Currently 2 billion don’t have sufficient clean water but also emerging nationals all want more resources . Already productive land is limited but all resources also required for manufacturing . By 2100 it’s estimated over 11 billion people will be consumers of everything without any thought. Unsustainable regardless

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