Farmer outraged at milk tanker fracas

Milk pours out of a tanker during an altercation with other road users in Waikato. Photo: Supplied/Stuff.

A dairy farmer reckons $80,000 worth of milk could have gone down the drain during a milk tanker fracas with boy racers on the road near his front gate.

Footage of the incident shows a group of people crowding around a Fonterra tanker and its driver in the middle of the night as a stream of white pours onto the tarseal, however it's unclear how much was lost.

Police received a report that a milk truck was damaged by a group of people near the intersection of Stokes and Orini roads in Waikato around 1.20am on Saturday.

The rural crossroads is a well-known spot for street racers to park up and do burnouts at the weekend.

The nearby farmer, who did not want to be named, estimated a full tank of milk at 40,000 litres would cost about $80,000.

“The milk is a total waste.

“[The tanker driver] would have been s... scared, people smashing his window with a hammer and trying to rip him from his cab.”

Another video circulating on social media shows a male hitting the front window of the tanker with what appears to be a hammer before retreating into the crowd.

“It’s beyond a joke,” the farmer says.

“We don't go out at night when they are here. I would be fearful if I was out there. You have no control over what happens.”

Two vehicles that were damaged were left on the road on Saturday, he says. There were also unconfirmed reports that the tanker hit two vehicles parked up on the road during the incident.

“It's the mess they leave behind. Tyres, bottles, wheel rims, you name it.”

Brooke Ings-Clark, 27, has been involved with the Hamilton car scene since she was eight-years-old and says the people involved were not regulars.

“I didn’t recognise anyone.”

Ings-Clark, who runs the online T Straight group, says what happened is “utterly wrong”.

“The boy racers did nothing right, they shouldn’t have acted the way they did.

“The milk should not have been spilled, the tanker not damaged and cars not damaged. But there needs to be a line - there are too many people thinking they own the road.”

While Ings-Clark was not at the meet-up on Friday night and unable to comment on what occurred, she says the truck driver “would have said or done something to rile them up”.

“We don't act until something is done towards us, he should have stayed in his truck if there was a problem.

“Every tanker comes in and tells us we are wrong, but we pay for the roads as much as everyone else, we’re not as bad as people think we are.”

Nearby residents in the area say Stokes and Orini roads are notorious for late-night meet-ups, with an elderly woman saying she closes her gates to stay safe.

“I heard noises, lots of cars and shouting,” Elizabeth Van Tiel says. “I looked at the clock and it was after 12.”

When asked if Ings-Clark understands why motorists are frustrated when roads are blocked and residents scared, she says there is no way a road will be blocked.

“We should stop our illegal activity to let them through, everyone has the right to the road.”

Ings-Clark says she woke up to death threats from people online after the incident.

“We are disruptive, but we don't deserve these messages. We need to solve the problem and get them out of the car scene.”

Meanwhile, police are investigating the incident and in a statement says the truck came to a stop where a group of “cars and people were blocking the road”.

“It is unclear at this time exactly what happened at the scene and the extent of the damage to the truck is yet to be established.”

The truck driver is not reported to have sustained injuries from the incident, police say.

Police are in the initial stages of the inquiry.

A Fonterra spokesperson confirmed a tanker driver was involved in an incident with members of the public.

“The driver is doing okay and we’re supporting them through this. We’re now working with police to resolve this matter.”

The Waikato Regional Council did not attend the cleanup, and Fonterra didn't respond to questions on whether any environmental action had been taken.

-Stuff/Chloe Blommerde.

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