Covid: Bridges hopes Speaker doesn‘t mute him

The Tauranga MP is the third MP in the country to have the disease. File Image.

Tauranga MP Simon Bridges remains in high spirits despite becoming the third MP to test positive for Covid-19.

He jokes of his hope that he is not muted with reckless abandon by Speaker Trevor Mallard as he will be attending Parliament remotely this week.

Speaking to SunLive, National’s finance and infrastructure spokesperson says he and his family have all tested positive.

He says he and the family have not been “too bad” but admits they have not been “100 per cent” since coming down ill.

Simon is the third MP to come down with Covid. Environment Minister David Parker was the first last week, swiftly followed by Police Minister Poto Williams.

Labour MP Anahila Kanongataá-Suisuiki has also confirmed a positive test, becoming the fourth MP with Covid.

Simon says keeping his young family entertained whilst also staying on top of work has been the difficult part.

“As many will know from lockdowns before and their own Covid experiences one of the biggest issues is isolating, keeping young ones happy and busy and enjoying time with them, and yet also continuing to stay engaged with work,” says Simon.

“For both Natalie and I there is still a lot of computer work, zooms and for most of this week I intend to also be actively involved at Parliament even though remotely.”

Simon says he still hopes to grill Finance Minister Grant Robertson at Question Time, about what he calls the nation’s “economic challenges”, even if he has to do so over Zoom.

“This will be a new experience for both of us I think,” says Simon.

That is should Speaker Trevor Mallard, who kicked the Tauranga MP out of the House twice in the space of 10 days last March, does not enjoy a new feature to this novel set-up too liberally.

“Hopefully Mr Mallard wont mute me too much,” quips Simon.

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Best Wishes.

Posted on 07-03-2022 19:56 | By morepork

For a speedy recovery for you and the family, Simon.

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