Firetruck Starship fundraiser heating up

Flick was left at Tauranga Fire Station earlier this month. Photos. John Borren.

The fundraising pool for an anonymous gift dropped off outside Tauranga Fire Station last month has now reached over $4000.

‘Flick’, a small replica cubby-house style firetruck, was left on the front doorstep of the headquarters on Saturday, February 5.

A note was attached suggesting should the station have no use for it, perhaps it could be used to raise money for the boys and girls in Starship Children’s Hospital in Auckland.

The team at FENZ ran with the idea and after getting the go-ahead to do so listed the item on TradeMe, with all proceeds raised going to Starship and one lucky buyer earning possession of a lovingly crafted item.

As of Thursday afternoon, the bidding stands at just over $4000, with 120 bids being made so far and over 500 people keeping tabs on the auction.

Hawke's Bay based delivery service A4dibble Transport Limited has even offered free transportation of the truck to anywhere in New Zealand.

‘Flick’ is made from folded acrylic, so is weather-proof, and is 2.4m long, 1.2m wide and 1.45m high whilst it also has working sprinklers.

Speaking to SunLive last week, Tauranga senior station officer Len Sabin spoke to the quality of the craftsmanship and is still impressed that the benefactor did not seem to want any recognition.

“It is incredibly well made, professionally made,” says Len, again thanking whoever was responsible.

“It is incredibly crafted and for it to turn up anonymously is a pretty selfless gift which is nice to see.”

He is hopeful the money raised will be going to a good cause.

“I felt like if I didn’t get something for Starship it would have ended up just sitting in our firehouse with us just scratching our heads wondering what to do with it,” admits Len.

The auction closes on Saturday, March 5. To take a look or bid for yourself click here.

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