Police operation on Takitimu Drive

The incident unfolded around lunchtime. Supplied photo and video.

An police operation witnessed in Tauranga today is being descried as a "slick manoeuvre".

Dashcam footage sent to SunLive this afternoon shows armed police stopping a vehicle on Takitimu Drive earlier today.

The witness says a police car passed him without flashing light on the expressway near the 15th Ave bridge.

"He was joined by a second near Archer's Park and as they passed the Elizabeth Street roundabout, a third police car joined from Elizabeth Street.

"They then quickly switched on their lights and boxed a car in and stopped it."

The witness says officers then jumped out of their vehicles with guns drawn, although police say there is no indication the officers were armed.

"[It all happened in] quite heavy traffic on the expressway. It was a very slick manoeuvre."

A police spokesperson says a vehicle of interest was identified on Takitimu Dr / Chapel St off-ramp at around 11.20am.

"Police stopped the vehicle.

"It doesn't look like there were any arrests resulting from this and no indication police were armed."

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Great Work

Posted on 29-12-2021 17:30 | By Yadick

A ’rolling block’. To our Police, thank you for your hard, mostly selfless work. Merry Christmas and a safe happy new year.

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