Christmas greeting from our Tauranga MP

Tauranga MP Simon Bridges. Photo/Video: Rosalie Liddle Crawford

Tauranga MP Simon Bridges was enjoying a pre-Christmas barbecue in his garden with family and friends when SunLive popped in to film a brief Christmas greeting.

“This year has been another strange year with ups and downs,” says Simon.

“And obviously a year half filled with Covid and lockdown and vaccinations and all these things.

“It’s a great privilege to be your MP, MP for Tauranga. I want to wish you a wonderful Christmas. I hope that you are able to spend it with some loved ones and friends.

“I hope you enjoy that and have a safe and happy time, raring and ready to get back, into 2022, which I’m sure will be a better year, a stronger year.

“I’m really looking forward to it and once again wish you a safe and happy festive season.”

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@Yadick (and others)

Posted on 27-12-2021 15:05 | By morepork

Thanks for the positive good wishes; always very acceptable. (I need all the help I can get... :-)) I echo your sentiments to Sunlive and all other posters, (whether we agree or not... :-))

@ morepork

Posted on 27-12-2021 11:14 | By Yadick

Well said. Have a happy and safe new year. Trust your Christmas was a great one. To ALL contributors to Sunlive Merry Christmas and a happy, safe and prosperous new year.

No Meri Kirihimete?

Posted on 26-12-2021 13:03 | By morepork

Good for Simon. Simple good wishes expressed simply. This is the first year I have seen the Maori version of "Merry Christmas" and it is harder to pronounce than the English. And yet it is being promoted everywhere in the interests of being PC. I have no problem with people using it if they find it easier, but I think most people won’t find it easier... Anyway, the sentiments are what’s important and it really doesn’t matter what language you express it in. Wouldn’t we all love to see Peace, Goodwill, and a Merry time over the Holidays?


Posted on 25-12-2021 06:33 | By dumbkof2

Good to see he spoke a language 90% of the population understands


Posted on 24-12-2021 17:49 | By Yadick

A safe, happy and Blessed Christmas to you and your family. It is also our privilege (in my opinion) to have you as our MP Simon. Thank you.

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