Talking business with the Chamber CEO

Tauranga Chamber of Commerce CEO Matt Cowley.

Local democracy, civic leadership and the new Covid-19 traffic light system are all topics of discussion in this month’s Matt Chat.

Each month, Tauranga Chamber of Commerce CEO Matt Cowley talks about business in the city.

This month, Cowley provides a wrap-up of 2021 and a look forward to the coming year.

He talks about the traffic light system and what businesses need to do to prepare.

Tauranga City Council’s Commissioners, and restoring trust in local democracy and civic leadership is also something Cowley touches on.

He provides a reflection on the Tauranga Business Awards and has a message for Tauranga’s tired business owners.

Watch the video above to see what he has to say.

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  • This video was originally developed by the Tauranga Chamber of Commerce for its Chamber Voice newsletter. Please click here to read this in full.


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