Bridges withdraws, backs Luxon as National leader

Simon Bridges is now backing Chris Luxon for the role.File Image. SunLive.

Tauranga MP Simon Bridges has withdrawn from the National leadership contest, backing Christopher Luxon to take over from Judith Collins.

Bridges announced his withdrawal from the race this afternoon, citing a conversation with Luxon.

“This morning I met with Chris Luxon and had a great discussion,” says Bridges.

“I am withdrawing from the leadership contest and will be backing Chris.

“He will make a brilliant National leader and Prime Minister.”

National are meeting in caucus this afternoon where voting was expected to take place over whether Bridges or Luxon would take over from Papakura MP Collins, who received a vote of no confidence last week.

But Luxon, the former CEO of Air New Zealand, is now set to take the role after Bridges’ decision to step aside.

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Posted on 30-11-2021 21:01 | By Let's get real

It’s all about the numbers... Hopefully our local "elected" representative will be rewarded for the hard work that he has been doing whilst the last leader has been failing to punish the ineptitude of the current conglomeration of disparate misfits in Parliament.

Funny, I didn't think he would!

Posted on 30-11-2021 16:59 | By TheCameltoeKid

So Bridges has done the honorable thing and stood down. Why? Because he knew he couldn’t win and by sucking up to Chris Luxon ensures him a better paycheck when National and ACT win the next election and kick Labour and their fairydust leader to Gayford’s boat hopefully to never ever be heard from again! Good Riddance Ardern. Your time has gone.

Well Done

Posted on 30-11-2021 14:37 | By Yadick

Simon Bridges. I hope Luxon makes you deputy dog because I believe that together you’ll be a formidable force. This is good news for National.


Posted on 30-11-2021 14:21 | By pamken

good on you Simon now work together to get rid of this shambles we call Govt.

A Blessing

Posted on 30-11-2021 14:04 | By Chookymac

Thank God for that

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