Rozanne’s fight after vaccine anguish

Rozanne de Wild back at work. Photo: John Borren/SunLive.

Three months ago, 50-year-old Rozanne de Wild was a highly functioning business woman, running the office admin, marketing and accounts part-time for her friend’s business, while also organising a major annual event.

But after receiving her first Pfizer shot on August 27 at a Life Pharmacy pop-up clinic, she began experiencing side effects almost immediately.

“Like many I had the normal sore stiff arm that evening and the following day,” says Rozanne.

“I did, however, experience a feeling of tingling burn or pins and needles running down through my left leg and foot during the 15 minute observation time but didn’t think nothing more of it as it passed and they didn’t seem concerned about it.”

Over the following weeks, Rozanne experienced symptoms that she says are akin to having had concussion or a head injury.

“Head pains, acute hypersensitivity to low and high frequency sounds, vision issues, brain fog, loss of mental clarity.”

She also struggled to put words together, found difficulty concentrating and lost her thoughts mid-sentence.

“I had severe pain in three distinct locations in the right side of my head.”

A feeling of a drill going in behind her right ear, pressure into her right temple, while at the back of her skull she felt like it was going to explode.

“My head felt so fragile I couldn’t bear the touch of anything against it.”

On days six and seven after receiving the first dose, she was on the floor of her lounge unable to function.

“I had nausea, violent vomiting, hallucinations, and felt I was going in and out of consciousness.”

She woke on Saturday, September 4, feeling like she’d been kicked in the ovaries.

On making a call to the Covid Healthline on Sunday she was advised to go immediately to A&E.

“I was checked three times for signs of stroke, blood clots and bleeding on the brain.”

She was also given a CT scan and had blood tests taken.

“I’m told they all came back fine. I was then discharged with advice from the doctor to not get the second vaccine.”

Despite being prepared to have the second shot and going with husband Paul, who received his second vaccination on October 9, the clinic refused to administer it due to her on-going reaction to the first vaccine.

The following weeks were filled with suffering relapses, brain fog, extreme head pain, fatigue and an uncontrollable severe body twitch.

Unable to work, and initially refused an ACC claim, Rozanne found herself in what she says was “a very scary place having just been given a life-altering diagnosis”.

She didn’t know if she would recover or get worse and reached out to others who like her were suffering severe symptoms.

Rozanne found herself having to make it clear to people that she is not an anti-vaxer but a realist, recognising that a vaccine is essential to dealing with the Covid-19 virus.

Barely able to function, there was more devastating news.

Because she hasn’t received her second vaccination, under the new traffic light system she was now being officially categorised as unvaccinated.

“Without that second vaccine lodged against my name in the Ministry of Health database, I am considered un-vaxed and therefore lumped in with anyone who have made their choice to not be vaccinated for whatever other reason – and punished accordingly.”

For the popular organiser of large events, this is a huge blow.

“I won’t be able to go to bars, restaurants, hairdressers – or even attend my own events if I can’t get an exemption.”

She is calling on the Government to acknowledge her and others who are suffering extreme side effects, and are not able to receive a second vaccine.

Having a category created for this unique set of individuals would mean income support and an exemption, but the battle for acknowledgement requires massive energy.

Three months on, she is starting to find she is improving, after discontinuing her anti-depressants and replacing them with natural products and Eastern herbal remedies.

“I got angry at the medical chemicals pumped into my body and decided to go cold turkey, threw away anti-depressants and stopped pain killers. I picked up some eastern remedies recommended to me, products that have been used for thousands of years to aid the body with respiratory conditions and brain clarity and function.

“I’m now in a much better place. I also attribute this to taking myself off social media. I was living and breathing through Facebook and getting incredibly angry at all the division, separation, differing opinions and people’s inability to see the other side, the lack of compassion. It’s so sad.”

The enjoyment of life is returning as she allows her body and mind to heal, and appreciates everyone who has surrounded her with love and understanding.

“It’s been 12 long weeks of not being well, and I’m still not well, but I’m on the path to healing.”

She is still reaching out to others who are still suffering from side effects from receiving the Pfizer vaccine.

“Some are going downhill, getting worse and my heart goes out to them.”

Rozanne says ACC still haven’t ‘come to the ball’, saying her case is still under investigation.

“They probably won’t make a decision until mid to late December at the earliest. I’m grateful that I have Southern Cross insurance to cover my medical bills, but that doesn’t help when I’ve lost 12 weeks of income and all this event planning time. At most, people shouldn’t be sick for more than a few of days from receiving a vaccine. Twelve plus weeks is not acceptable.”

Last week she went to her GP to apply for an exemption.

“I am hoping I get that so that I don’t have to have a second Pfizer vaccine – I can’t afford more time off work or being this ill again. Yet there’s a likelihood that it won’t get accepted.”

Even though now she comes under the exemptions clause for a severe adverse effect to the dosage and meets all the criteria, she says there’s no guarantees it will be approved. That decision for exemption is made by someone who has never met her.

She is also concerned by the many people who try to assign the blame for any reactions to the vaccine on pre-existing or underlying medical conditions.

“I think that’s an ignorant comment for people to make.”

She asks everyone who has been vaccinated to take time to consider those who haven’t been, to understand that it’s not always their choice.

In many cases these people do have serious medical conditions which they are concerned about, or even been advised by their own GPs not to have the vaccines at all.

“Try imagine what it’s like for people like me who have been picked up forcibly and tossed into the other side. Start to understand why there is anger and hesitancy from so many, why there is frustration and why people are trying to yell louder and louder.”

“Here I am 12 weeks on, slowly coming right, managing to work a couple of hours most days and hopefully on the road to recovery. But it’s been a long, long road, far too long from one supposedly safe vaccine.”


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Help for people like us

Posted on 29-11-2021 21:57 | By bekindtonature

I have the same symptoms, also my hands feel like they are burning and hand to use them. I have found little support with my symptoms and been referred by my GP to a neurologist at the hospital who could not be bothered to see me and referred me back to my GP and said that it is safe to get the second jab. Like that is going to help with my continued pain. I hope Rozanne and others get better treatment and solution than I did.

Lets push for,choice

Posted on 27-11-2021 15:19 | By Shamus

I have been fully vaccinated with a covid vaccine made by a French/Austrian firm called Valneva. It has been made in the traditional way from an attenuated virus and is in stage 3 clinical trial in New Zealand. It is approved for use in the EU. No side effects that I could discern and an excellent immune response from lab testing. I have had numerous enquiries from people who don’t trust phizer, or who like Rozanne have had severe side effects. We need to be pressing our government and health system for effective vaccine choices that are effective and not potentially toxic.

Thank you Sunlive

Posted on 27-11-2021 14:18 | By Rachel

Rozanne, thank you for having the courage to share your story, and thank you Sunlive for reporting it. I respect the paper for doing so. It seems there are many people who have struggled after receiving their shots, but when they speak out, they either feel very unheard, or are open to attack by harsh critics, calling them frauds, attention seekers, or ’anti-vaxxers’ (despite having taken the jab). The exemption criteria is simply not realistic, and the government needs to acknowledge that people like Rozanne, should not be put at risk of further injury. Official govt websites, both here and overseas, clearly show that adverse reactions to these shots are not as rare as we are led to believe.

Please Explain

Posted on 27-11-2021 12:05 | By Justin T.

In this age of multimedia and creative accounting it is wise to guestion information handed out by the Health Officials (remember Thalidomide) Governments (they never have agendas) Internet (truth and lies) Banks (of coarse our customers come first). So call me skeptical or call me thorough and answer me this. The NZ Breakers Basketball team are Double Vaccinated and are in strictly controlled conditions on their tour. So…. how is it a total crew of 39 are currently isolated, 8 with Covid, 20.51% and counting. How effective are the vaccinated at not catching it, not been carriers and not passing it on?

Oh dear kancho

Posted on 27-11-2021 06:53 | By Mein Fuhrer

Drowning in the govt approved Kool aid I see. Not much hope for you.

Brave lady

Posted on 26-11-2021 19:54 | By LeeW

I hope you recover soon. I think you are brave speaking out as there will be those who accuse you of being anti-vax despite the fact that you actually got the vaccine. There needs to be recognition from the government for people like you so that you aren’t isolated when the traffic light system is in place.

There are many like this

Posted on 26-11-2021 12:00 | By an_alias

Thank you finally for publishing this Sunlive, there are many like this that I have heard about in Tauranga. But its only when you stop and talk with people you will hear about it. So much shaming by some parts of the community without respect for these issues and people’s choice over there own bodies. There are lots of reasons people make there own choices and know there own bodies best. The govt has no place with mandates it just appalling and near on impossible for Doctors to believe peoples vaccine issues.

Same Boat

Posted on 26-11-2021 11:04 | By LeeW

Thank you Rozanne for speaking out and thakyou to sunlive for publishing your story. I am in the same boat having had tremors, vertigo, faigue, brain fog and muscle twitches since my first pfizer. It has been 4 months and I am terrified of getting covid but also know that the current vaccines are not suitable for me. I am hoping novavax arrives soon so that i wontt be shut out of society through no fault of my own.


Posted on 26-11-2021 10:48 | By Kancho

An extremely rare reaction but of course very bad for her, poor woman. Sadly in spite of her endorsement to get vaccinated it sort of gives anti vaxers a reason to latch on to to spread their unqualified opinions. Hopefully her recovery will be complete. I’m off for a booster shot soon and like many hundreds of thousands have no problems at all. I do this to protect everyone I may be in contact with and the only side effect is my own immunity will be significantly increased and most importantly I will hopefully not take a hospital bed from someone needing surgery or treatment. Sadly if the hospital gets over whelmed by unvaccinated people others will die from unrelated problems . Best wishes to all our medical people who have already saved me

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