New Tauranga water plan begins

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Tauranga’s new Water Watchers Plan takes effect from today.

The Water Watchers Plan replaces traditional outdoor watering restrictions with a year round plan.

Tauranga City Council says this is to help maintain the city’s water supply, and provide everyone with clarity about how they can use water at home, at work, and in the community.

The city will ease into the new plan over the next two weeks with restrictions hotting up from December in line with the warmer weather.

Sprinkler use will be banned completely from December 1, however other methods of outdoor watering, such as handheld hoses with a trigger nozzle, are permitted all year round at certain times of the day. 

The new plan is in response to three dry summers in a row which have taken their toll on groundwater levels in our region and left the aquifer-fed streams, Tautau and Waiorohi, which supply the city with water at the lowest levels seen going into a summer.

The streams are aquifer-fed, which means groundwater levels need to recharge before stream flows can improve. Unfortunately, there’s been a lack of groundwater recharge throughout the Bay of Plenty Region over the last three years, and the latest Bay of Plenty Regional Council data suggests the region is in for another hot, dry summer.

“Instead of introducing water restrictions reactively when demand starts to outstrip our source water supplies, we’ll have a plan in place that provides clarity about how we can use water in any given month,” said Water Services manager Peter Bahrs earlier this month.

He hopes the plan will prevent the 30 per cent spike in outdoor water use generally seen over the peak of summer and encourage people to use water wisely all year round.

Find out more and view the full plan here.

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@They forgot something!!

Posted on 02-12-2021 21:18 | By Get our roads

So true, what a joke, no water although it’s been low for 3 years running. They forgot their brains and only focus on their egos, pretty much how TCC works. Oh well, when there is no water, we will see what happens, because you cant keep taking and never give back, overpopulation will soon come and bite them in the proverbial, MONEY, MONEY, MONEY, ITS SO FUNNY, IN THE TCC WORLD. Because it ain’t theirs and they dont want to spend it on water or roading, let’s build a CBD that no one will come to and we will issue more building consents to pay for it, but we wont fix water shortages or roading, what do you reckon my brilliant team, yeah, that’s an awesome idea Anne and Co and booted out Councillors, we wont forget you hopeless bunch either.


Posted on 24-11-2021 11:01 | By Let's get real

So are we going to see our sporting venues, parks and reserves, hanging baskets and roadside planting left un-watered...? Millions of litres of water is used by council and millions of dollars spent growing grass and annuals which are replaced many times a year. I have been under the impression that council is in the business of leadership and setting examples. How about starting that.!!!


Posted on 23-11-2021 16:48 | By Duegatti

We’ve had regular rain for months, and yet we go straight into water restrictions in a week ? Did no one think more people will use more water? You know, the vision thing. By the way, how can a full flow hose be preferable to a misting, timed irrigation set up?

What to say

Posted on 22-11-2021 21:26 | By Informed

People complain about growth. But there isn’t a single person in Tauranga that can stop it. In fact, if they tried they would be fired. When Nation created the current planning system, growth became a legislative requirement. There would be more than enough water, if the whole of Papamoa didn’t waste so much watering the sidewalk.

Here we

Posted on 22-11-2021 18:47 | By old trucker

Go again ive been here 30yrs and was told then,for goodness sake,they have millions to do Cameron Rd and still NO WATER,WHY DID TCC put in water meters for crying out loud we pay for it anyway what goes through,what about all these huge swimming pools being put in and millions of gallons to swim in,when we have million square miles of ocean to swim in,over $500,000 dollars plus for play ground in ANZAC rd BBQ,S ETC AND a long concrete footpath around the edge of park so mummies won,t get their feet wet,STILL NO WATER, MILLIONS $$$ ON 1ST ave ETC still NO WATER, GOSH BURETA CROSS RD IS SINKING DOWN,FIX this TCC, HANG ON GOT TO GET WATER, YEAH RIGHT, MY 9 pennies worth for what its worth Thanks Sunlive being No1 in News is AWESOME,10-4 OUT.PHEW.

Must be a bureaucrat

Posted on 22-11-2021 17:56 | By an_alias

The news system "I hope" will help with water usage. Man money well spent again.

They forgot something!!

Posted on 22-11-2021 17:19 | By The Professor

Council have failed to mention the other cause, and arguably the main one.....that too many people live in the region for the current infrastructure. May be if they had stopped issuing building consents about 5 years ago and stemmed the flow back then, there would be sufficient water to go around!!! Only going to get worse.

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