Enabling works underway for Takitimu North Link

Beca Ecologist Jessica Schofield and Fulton Hogan/HEB Joint Venture Environmental Manager Stephanie Kirk checking the fyke nets (a type of fish trap) and recording species found along the Takitimu North Link Stage One alignment.

People will see an increase of activity between Cambridge Road and Wairoa Valley as enabling works get underway and investigations continue for Takitimu North Link Stage One.

It’s another step closer to the new four-lane expressway and shared walking and cycling path that will provide better transport choices for the area’s growing population and thriving economy.

Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency Regional Manager Infrastructure Delivery Jo Wilton says site crew will be highly visible over coming weeks.

Hogan/HEB Joint Venture were awarded the design contract in May 2021 and have progressed site investigations, technical assessments and detailed design.

“Before we start construction, we need to carry out a number of essential enabling works and archaeological investigations," says Jo.

“Enabling works involve vegetation and tree clearance, including the clearance of some kiwifruit orchards, building site access tracks and storage areas, and the relocation of utility services.

“Investigations and surveys will continue to tell us what exactly is in the area and how the new road may affect the environment.

“There are several rich areas of archaeological interest to look at, freshwater surveys to be carried out, the relocation of native lizards and skinks, and setting up monitoring for native birds and bats.

“We are committed to working with our communities and partners to minimise the impact work has on our sensitive and important ecosystems and the creatures already living in the area.”

When complete, the new four-lane expressway will provide people with more options and prioritise public transport.

“The shared walking and cycling path will give people more choice on how they want to travel around the western Bay of Plenty,” says Jo.

The property phase of the project has made significant progress and the construction contract is expected to be awarded in December 2021.

The project is funded through the Government’s $8.7 billion New Zealand Upgrade Programme. Communities can look forward to transport improvements that provide better travel choices and help people get where they’re going safely. The programme will also help grow our economy, while responding to the impacts of travel on the environment and supporting housing.

To find out more, or to sign up for updates about the project, visit: nzta.govt.nz/takitimunorth


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Well then.............

Posted on 17-11-2021 21:01 | By groutby

......after all the ’preliminary’ work of most things that would probably swim , wriggle or fly off to better pastures in a heartbeat, I went to take a look to see how long before it is likely to be completed...and it looks like well over ten years before any sign of possible stage 2 progress let alone completion...I would say the road incidents and fatalities would well exceed the number of covid deaths in the region by then!..SH2 ?..it’s seriously a joke...


Posted on 17-11-2021 21:00 | By old trucker

This road is going to be built WHEN and what year,and all these fancy names for staff now,for crying out loud,why not say they work for joint venture and leave it at that,how much is all this costing before it starts, (ME THINKS)not in my lifetime, if this was in CHINA it would be built in a year,(and that is with shovel and wheel barrow,i can imagine all the NEW Flouro jackets and clip boards walking around,example Cameron Road job. looking at phones standing around looking at something, no older smart people to guide these young ones, get a Company ute and you are God. anyway my thoughts only on this,Sunlive is AWESOME for News and No1 Thank you, my pennies worth,Thankyou 10-4 out. phew.

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