Covid-19 detected in Tauranga and Mount wastewater

Covid-19 was detected in Tauranga wasterwater on November 11 and Mount Maunganui on November 10 and 11. Photo: File/SunLive

ESR has notified the Ministry of Health of positive wastewater detections of the Covid-19 virus in Tauranga and Mount Maunganui.


Covid-19 was detected in Tauranga wastewater on November 11 and Mount Maunganui on  November 10 and 11. Bay of Plenty DHB has advised it will have a number of testing and vaccination sites available on Sunday. Please check the Healthpoint website for testing site details.


In addition to today’s 1pm COVID-19 statement, the Ministry of Health is also providing the following update. Lakes results The Ministry is this evening confirming positive results for two household contacts of the Taupō case announced earlier today. "We are also confirming a fourth positive result in Taupō, in a close contact of the case," says a Ministry of Health spokesperson. These results are not unexpected among household and other close contacts. Two other household contacts of the case have tested negative. Public health staff at Toi Te Ora are continuing to interview the initial case and their contacts. As a result of those interviews, it’s understood that the case and a close contact (who is now isolating in Taupō) travelled to Masterton last weekend, before the person became symptomatic on Monday. Locations of interest; testing; vaccination At this time, the Ministry has identified four locations of interest in Masterton and four in Taupō linked to these cases. Anyone who visited those locations on the same day at the relevant times should get a test if they’re feeling unwell. These Locations of Interest will be available on the Ministry of Health’s website from 8pm tonight and will be regularly updated from tomorrow if and when additional locations are identified. Wairarapa DHB has advised it will have drive-through testing available at the following site: · Wairarapa After Hours at the Masterton Medical Centre, Colombo Road – open between 9am and 4pm The DHB has informed the Ministry that there is plenty of capacity at the site. Lakes DHB has advised testing will be available at the follow sites: · Community Testing Centre, 79 Miro Street, Taupō – open between 9am and 3pm Sunday · Taupō Events Centre, AC Baths Avenue – open between 8.30 and 3pm Sunday · Pihanga Health, Tūrangi – open between 11am and 1pm Sunday "If you’ve been in Wairarapa or in Taupō and haven’t been to the locations at those times, but you do have symptoms of COVID-19, no matter how mild, please get a test," says a Ministry of Health spokesperson. Vaccinations are available in the Wairarapa tomorrow at the following site: · Genesis Recreation Centre – open between 10am and 4pm Sunday Please check the Wairarapa DHB’s website for weekday vaccination sites Vaccinations are available in Taupō at the follow sites: · COVID-19 Immunisation Hub, 6/29 Totara Street – open between 8.30am and 4.30pm Sunday · Unichem Main Street pharmacy, Tongariro Street – open between 5.30pm and 7.30pm Sunday If you’re in these locations and begin to feel unwell overnight and notice a change in symptoms, please do not hesitate to call 111 or Healthline on 0800 358 5453. The Ministry’s next update will be at 1pm on Sunday.


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Posted on 14-11-2021 14:18 | By morepork

...this really bad news will make people think more seriously about their position. It demonstrates that actions have consequences and large, unmasked groups, with people from all over, in proximity, (like the demonstrations we have been seeing) simply increase the chances of catching the virus. It doesn’t matter whether you believe you are fighting for "freedom" or not, the virus is apolitical. We are seeing the development of a divided society and it is drawn along lines of stupidity. Being a "rebel" for the sake of it, is fine if nobody is hurt; but that isn’t the case, and it is inevitable that there will be push-back against anti-vaxxers when cases start rising. Eventually, the vaccinated will simply write them off, and they will be seriously discriminated against. There will be wailing and gnashing of teeth among Reverend Tamaki’s flock ; and no-one to blame except themselves.


Posted on 14-11-2021 12:04 | By kiwigirl41

Have not heard anything today (Sunday) about Tauranga or Mount and the wastewater, can anyone confirm if this breaking news is correct.


Posted on 14-11-2021 12:02 | By laugeo

say that they are fighting to keep the freedoms so hard fought for by our noble war veterans (I have seen the banners). Our beloved war heroes made a personal sacrifice for the greater good so please don’t try and attach your cause to theirs because your stance is the polar opposite of their selfless actions. They faced bullets and bayonets and you don’t want a needle in your arm - yeah, that’s the same thing! They fought to defend actual freedom against actual oppressors and our ’freedom protestors’ are simply petulant brats (some young and some old but still brats) because they don’t like being told what to do. Blocking traffic is a petulant and indiscriminate act that is anything but selfless but I guess you do what brats do, they act up if they can’t get their way?

Come join me!

Posted on 14-11-2021 10:10 | By waiknot

I’d like to start a protest against the Covid found in our wastewater

Covid zero ?

Posted on 14-11-2021 10:01 | By an_alias

Was covid zero ever feasible with a respiratory virus that also has an animal reservoir ? Look at the UK data please without acting like 2 year olds, 89% of hospital deaths are fully vaccinated. To blame others either way for the virus spread which will happen regardless of vaccination state is absurd. So many self righteous people it seems, if your vaccinated then surely we are safe?

Covid wastewater tests

Posted on 14-11-2021 09:07 | By tia

Agree Yadick. Seems ok for the minority to hold the majority to ransom. Hope the Police can identify the rego of the cars involved in the protest yesterday and take them to task. Great to have cameras around.

There you go

Posted on 14-11-2021 07:59 | By Slim Shady

The only idiots are those that think it is unavoidable or pin blame on “protestors”.


Posted on 14-11-2021 07:52 | By The Professor

....what Yadick says!!

Only a matter of time

Posted on 14-11-2021 07:00 | By Rob .

It was inevitable, now wait for the outcry from the "poor disadvantaged socioeconomic group" that have resisted vaccination. Given the BoP has a dismal vax rate I would not be surprised if the hospitals are over run within the next few weeks. One thing covid has made plainly clear is that NZ has more than its fair share of stupids aka anti vaxers and freedumb protesters

Team Player

Posted on 14-11-2021 06:29 | By Gigilo

Could be you @Yadick. Love to know the science of detection in thousands of liters of waste water, must have known when you were going to flush. Maybe the jab rate is not high enough?

And Here It Is

Posted on 13-11-2021 21:17 | By Yadick

Was only a matter of time. Especially with absolute idiot protesters that are in denial.

Yeah right

Posted on 13-11-2021 20:32 | By Local Too

And so?

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