Live updates: prison staff miss Covid deadline

Photo: RNZ.

More than 200 Department of Corrections staff won't be going to work today because they haven't had at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine.

A public health order issued last month requires Corrections prison staff to have received their first shot by midnight Saturday and be fully vaccinated by the December 8.

Corrections Association president Floyd du Plessis told First Up he's worried about what it will mean for prison operations.

The Department of Corrections says 202 workers have not had first doses, while 96.8 per cent of its 6378 prison staff have had at least one dose.

The department is confident there will be no impact on the safety and security operations of prisons.

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@ Kancho

Posted on 09-11-2021 08:15 | By Yadick

Typically well said from you. There definitely will be consequences but it’ll be the prisoners who bear it. Corrections will merely say due to a lack of staff all prisoners will be locked down with only their mandatory 1hr out.

Still being paid

Posted on 08-11-2021 07:29 | By Kancho

I guess the correction staff who are not jabbed are being paid to stay home, so its all a nonsense. Also that these officers who expect prisoners to comply with their authority are doing just the opposite themselves . I presume prisoners are also being vaccinated so these unvaccinated officers are showing no example or leadership or even care. All a big sad joke unless there is some consequences

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