Government announces boost to family support

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. Photo: SunLive

“COVID-19 has been tough on families and has contributed to the increase in the cost of living. Increasing support for low and middle income families to help cover the basics is the fair thing to do,” says Ardern.

“We want New Zealand to be the best place in the world to be a child. Ensuring families aren’t left behind is critical to our COVID-19 response which has been underpinned by kindness and support for each other. 

“Ending child poverty is a priority for this Government. It’s estimated a further 6000 children will be lifted out of poverty as a result of these changes - that’s in addition to the up to 33,000 children who will be lifted out of poverty by the increase in benefit levels earlier this year.

“The Family Tax Credit was scheduled to have an inflation increase on 1 April next year, but we have topped that up so struggling families get the extra help they need. Best Start is also going to have an inflation increase on 1 April.

“The changes are targeted towards the lowest income families.  Those with family income less than $40,000 benefit the most with an average increase of $26 per week. But we know all families are doing it tough, so everyone receiving a Family Tax Credit or Best Start payment will be better off compared to what they receive now. 

“This change is also on top of our significant boost to benefit rates by between $32 and $55 per adult earlier this year and is just one extra thing we can do for families in these tough times. I know it will make a difference,” says Ardern.

“The Government is committed to transforming the welfare system,” says Minister for Social Development Carmel Sepuloni.

“Each change we make brings us closer to our goal of a system that ensures people have an adequate income and standard of living, are treated with and can live with dignity, and are able to participate meaningfully in their communities.

“We have made significant progress on implementing the recommendations of the Welfare Expert Advisory Group which has included lifting core benefit levels to historic levels. We are now well into advancing our medium term work plan.  This plan includes a full review of the Working for Families system.  This review is currently underway and more details will be released next year,” says Sepuloni. 

The changes announced today will also see an increase of the abatement rate for the Family Tax Credit from 25 per cent to 27 per cent.  This change means those on the lowest incomes will receive the most, and no one will be worse off compared to what they receive now.

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Trying to buy you

Posted on 07-11-2021 12:15 | By an_alias

So destroying productive people with mandates and then trying to bribe people what a joke you have become JA. Democracy has died in NZ

Commies Dream

Posted on 07-11-2021 11:07 | By Slim Shady

That money printing press is smoking hot. It will all come crashing down but of course they know this. When it does the Government will simply declare the free market a failure and take over all industries and jobs and it will all be State controlled. We will all be on rations and working the land in grey overalls, looking forward to our 2 week holiday per year at the People’s Holiday Camp No. 27. Dream complete.

Here we go

Posted on 07-11-2021 06:34 | By old trucker

Again what about us Pensioners,why is it all about kids,STOP breeding,be like China 2 kids thats it,us oldies have done the hard yards and built this place,no Diggers for drains or thrusting ,all by shovel and spade horse and cart,sickle for cutting hay etc ,kids today are lazy and do not want to put in a effort,look at Cameron Road,walking around with clip boards looking at phones,etc,i wonder why they are not working 7 days a week and get on with it and have wet days off,like we did building High Grove estate in Auckland 13x 12hr days 2 off and back again, i understand it is going to take 2-3 yrs to do this road to 17th Ave,AND (HEARD) THEY ARE GOING TO CUT DOWN MOST OF THE TREES in the middle,is this right,anyway my 7 pennies worth and my thoughts only on this,Sunlive Thankyou,10-4 out. phew.


Posted on 06-11-2021 22:03 | By groutby

....that this....’package’ should come up at a time of complete and utter confusion within the policy decision making of the current government. It is hard to not suspect this is a very feeble attempt to make some believe this free money will make many stay faithful to the current government whatever path they stay on. Ardern says ’low and middle’ income ’earners, and ’changes are targeted towards the lowest income families’, so, if the aticle is presented correctly, they (government) cannot be truthful about who it is actually for...but then..we know the answer really don’t we?

$20?????? Pardon!!!!

Posted on 06-11-2021 20:03 | By Bruja

$20 per week to ’lift people out of poverty?? Pardon???? When rents are 400 -700 per week??? Pardon??? What a freaking insult to our intelligence! The Poverty Minister needs to experience poverty. Is her daughter experiencing poverty? Yeah, right. Disgusting! :(

Wow so under whelming

Posted on 06-11-2021 18:40 | By Kancho

With inflation and food prices not to mention housing twenty buck or so ...but not until next April . Doubt it makes a y difference. Children in poverty a big push at election time but no progress really. Sad but bike lanes get huge funding.

And So?

Posted on 06-11-2021 16:57 | By Local Too

Whoop Dee Do, amazing she can sense the delike of her and her govt so its $20 bucks to calm the waters, :(


Posted on 06-11-2021 16:36 | By Let's get real

Seems a bit early to announce vote buying policies... Don’t suppose that they’re worried about their polling numbers at all...? And yesterday I heard that they’re considering contenders to replace Princess Jacinda (maybe another vote buying option)

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