Man charged after Coronation Park gathering bailed

The gathering at Coronation Park occurred on Super Saturday in October. Supplied photo.

A Tauranga man charged with failing to comply with an order under Covid-19 regulations has been given strict bail conditions.

The man was arrested following a large gathering at Coronation Park in Mount Maunganui last month.

The 43-year-old appeared in Tauranga District Court today, where he was remanded on bail.

His bail conditions state he must not use any device to play an active part in organising and or participating in an event in breach of Covid-19 restrictions.

He is due to appear in court again on November 18.

In a statement released by police on Friday, a spokesperson says the man was arrested in relation to the gathering on October 16, which police say was an alleged breach of Covid-19 restrictions.

The gathering took place on Super Saturday, when a nationwide push to increase vaccinations was taking place.

“It is alleged that 300-400 people were in attendance at the gathering and the majority were not wearing masks,” says a police spokesperson.

“Enquiries into the gathering continue and police are not ruling out laying further charges.”



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Police State

Posted on 04-11-2021 14:34 | By Slim Shady

Interestingly the IPCC have today released findings on 3 Police Officers in Southland using and obtaining class A drugs and a Police Officer in Auckland throwing a bottle at a member of the public. Yet here they are persecuting people for the heinous crime of having a picnic and holding a placard. Puppets on a string dancing to the tune of a totalitarian regime.

What a waste of Police resources

Posted on 04-11-2021 13:40 | By an_alias

We have real crime you guys should be spending your time focusing on. How about more resources are put to use solving those rather than some people gathered without masks. I mean come on what are the Police doing push the govt tyranny.


Posted on 04-11-2021 12:50 | By Walbuck

a world - where police used the same verve and effort to go after gangs and violent criminals instead of going for the soft target of Freedom Protesters

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