Positive COVID-19 case in Katikati

A person in Katikati has returned a positive test for COVID-19. Photo: Supplied.

The Ministry of Health is today confirming the results of a COVID-19 test taken yesterday in Auckland, which has returned positive today for a person currently in Katikati.

The person lives in Pukekohe and is in the process of moving to a rural area north of Katikati. Katikati is currently in alert level 2.

The test result has a high CT value usually seen in the early or late stage of infection and is under further investigation, including a repeat test.

The person has been permitted to cross the boundary in and out of Auckland as they are in the process of shifting house.

As part of this, the individual has been having regular surveillance testing– at least five tests have been taken since the beginning of September, the most recent prior test was October 5. All five of those tests were negative.

The person is also a consistent user of the COVID-19 tracer app which will assist with contact tracing and identifying any locations of interest.

The individual who returned the positive result is fully vaccinated and has reported no symptoms apart from regular seasonal hayfever and resultant runny nose that hadn’t recently changed.

The person is also a consistent user of the COVID-19 tracer app, which will assist with contact tracing and identifying any locations of interest. These will be added to the Ministry of Health website as soon as confirmed. Initial information has identified locations of interest in Katikati and Pukekohe, with details to follow.

All family members have been contacted, tests arranged and are currently isolating. Results are expected tomorrow.

The current public health assessment is that the risk appears low given the person’s vaccination status, regular test history, good use of the app and rapid contact, testing and isolation of family members.

Testing locations open on Sunday

Katikati Medical Centre, 4 Clive Road, 8.30am - 4.30pm

Katikati Rugby and Sports Clubrooms, Fairview Rd, Katikati 8.30am – 4.30pm (hours will be extended if there is high-demand)

Tauranga Accident and HealthCare, 19 Second Avenue, 8.00am - 6.00pm

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I agree with Slim Shady's response to Dumkof2

Posted on 11-10-2021 13:06 | By morepork

The unvaccinated cannot be allowed to dictate strategy for the rest of us. Unfortunately, that will be the case until at least 80% vaccinated is achieved.


Posted on 10-10-2021 17:21 | By Slim Shady

Well the evidence is clear that it stops hospitalisation and death. We need to get of fretting about case numbers. They’re irrelevant. Accept it. Live with it. And those that choose not to be vaccinated should not be dictating our freedoms.

dumbkof2 living up to their name

Posted on 10-10-2021 15:59 | By This Guy

Vaccines doesn’t stop you from getting it, just makes it a lot less likely you’ll end up in the hospital and/or die from it. Immunisation is not a hard concept to understand if you’re not being wilfully ignorant...

Katikati Covid

Posted on 10-10-2021 13:27 | By mackaybeatty

Why was the person allowed to go through the border when he was only moving house???...Other families have been stopped from crossing the border when they have sick family members and major family issues


Posted on 10-10-2021 11:19 | By morepork

What it says is that the person concerned will have a level of protection that they would NOT have of they were unvaccinated. They are therefore far less likely to require hospitalization or die from the infection. In the same way, they are far less likely to pass on the infection (although Delta is SO virulent it may well negate this...). Even if vaccination gave minimal protection (and the evidence shows that it is better than that), it would STILL be worth having. Remember, we can never know how many people avoided infection by being vaccinated. We CAN know that vaccinated people who are infected, are MUCH less affected by the virus (in some cases asymptomatic), and will recover more quickly. If you haven’t already, get the vaccination.


Posted on 10-10-2021 08:58 | By Andrew64

Mr and Mrs Joe Average can’t leave Auckland… except if they want to move house, then they go anywhere they want? I fail to see the logic in that decision. The wheels were always going to fall off at some point with this inept lot in charge. Seems it’s started.

Life from now on.

Posted on 09-10-2021 22:27 | By Kering

To COVID doubters “Do I or Don’t I” I say”C’mon mate,vaccinate,get the jab,you’ll be glad “

covid-19 breach

Posted on 09-10-2021 20:30 | By Jukay

As the Delta virus has now reached Katikati, its rapid spread into Tauranga will be greatly assisted by the staff at the ’Challenge’ petrol station on HW2 still wearing internationally banned 3M face masks with exhalation valves.

A matter of time...

Posted on 09-10-2021 20:13 | By morepork

We can be thankful that this person was doing everything right... If every new case was as good as this, we wouldn’t need to worry. Hope there are very few contact infections.

Oh well...

Posted on 09-10-2021 20:12 | By The Professor

.....it was only the matter of time. Why the hell the Government relaxed restrictions to allow people to move out of Auckland into areas of the country which didn’t have COVID, beats me. Just plain dumb. Level 3 here we come. People, get vaccinated then we can get on with life in the new look Bay of Plenty.


Posted on 09-10-2021 19:19 | By dumbkof2

if this person has been fully vacinated and still got covid, dosn’t say much for the vax

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