Kerbside grace period wrapping up

Gary Allis with council bins and a truck. Supplid photo.

Western Bay of Plenty District Council’s kerbside collection grace period will wrap up this week following a 10-week education programme.

Western Bay of Plenty District Council put the grace period in place to give residents time to learn and adjust to the new rubbish and recycling service and pay-as-you-throw (PAYT) tag system following the 1 July start date.

In this period contractors have been applying educational red tags to bins with an incorrectly attached PAYT tag, providing a helpful guide for people to refer to.

"Our wider Western Bay whānau really stepped up to the challenge. Over the last 10 weeks we’ve seen the majority of our residents grow to understand how the service works. So, it’s time to transition into what will be our standard service," says douncil’s deputy CEO and group manager infrastructure services, Gary Allis.

Up until now red tagged bins were still emptied, but from Monday, September 27, council will transition to a service where bins with incorrectly fitted (and missing) PAYT tags won’t be emptied. Initially, educational tags will still be placed on non-compliant bins to let residents know why and demonstrate how to correctly use the PAYT tag. This will be phased out after two weeks.

"We had a nice, long educational period where we expected residents to learn as they went along and they’ve done a great job, but there is always room to improve."

Gary says applying PAYT tags correctly has been a sticking point

“If you are putting your red lid rubbish bin out for collection you must have purchased a single use PAYT tag and attach it by looping it through the two handles (red and black handles).

“If your PAYT tag doesn’t go on properly it won’t come off properly. It seems a few people are peeling off all of the backing for the PAYT tags, and the tags are sticking to bin handles. The tag must break free and fall into the truck on collection.”

Gary’s how-to for attaching PAYT tags

1.         Loop your PAYT tag through the black and red handles together on the side of the bin.

2.        Peel off the orange circle for joining the tag.

3.       Join the front and back circles by sticking to the ‘stick here’ circle.

4.       Place your bin on the kerbside by 7am on collection day.

Please don’t 

-         Loop through only one handle

-         Peel off all of the backing

Bins will not be collected if:

  • Bins are filled incorrectly. If you are not sure what item goes in which bin, use our item search finder here.
  • The driveway is blocked or hidden by trees.
  • Waste in bags or boxes beside bins.
  • Your pay-as-you-throw tag is not attached correctly. For example, it is only looped through one handle instead of the red and black handle.
  • Bins are not Western Bay of Plenty District Council bins or are third party bins.

Helpful resources

Not sure what items goes in what bin?

Use our handy item finder

When do I put my bins out?

Try our collection day finder

Where can I purchase pay-as-you-throw tags?

For a full list of locations visit:

For more information, visit

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Posted on 25-09-2021 14:48 | By This Guy

Yes so "draconian" to ask people follow and obey the rules... Its not hard to sort your rubbish, its only a problem if you’re lazy or entitled and think it should be someone else job to sort through YOUR waste because you can’t be bothered to. People really need to stop being so infantile and just do the bare minimum that’s being asked of them...

How draconian

Posted on 23-09-2021 15:49 | By The Sage

A very poor system and they are going to grade people on how well they obey the rules. I am pleased I stuck with Kleana Bins.


Posted on 23-09-2021 10:07 | By Honesty is the best Policy

You councail are going to cause a big shit fight. I would tip the bin out on the road if you didnt empty it. And you will find more people dumping there rubbish. I would leave mine full ad dump it at ttcc office .If the tag isnt on right just empty it how cars as long as its there you getting to picky. I dont yous your stuiped bins ive stuck with the bin place i was with at the start.

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