Aucklander who fled to Whakatane faces prosecution

It's been reported that the person visited Whakatane.

An Aucklander could be facing prosecution after reportedly leaving the city and visiting Whakatane.

Ministry of Social Development Regional Commissioner Mike Bryant confirmed to Newshub an individual from Auckland had "contacted us and said they had travelled to Whakatane".

"The client did not visit our service centre. As a result of the client contacting us we got in touch with police and encouraged the client to visit the local Police Station."

According to The Beacon, police located the Aucklander on Monday and they were taken into custody and may face prosecution.

Police Senior Sergeant Al Fenwick wouldn't provide the media outlet with details of the individual's visit, however, The Beacon says it understands the person visited a number of retail premises and had contacted the local Work and Income office.

The Beacon says the person has undergone Covid-19 testing and will be transported back to Auckland.

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Posted on 17-09-2021 10:33 | By Justin T.

Mmmm.... on the benefit???? Not so short of cash they couldn’t fuel up a drive all that way! Benefits are for survival NOT ENTITLEMENT.

@Slim Shady

Posted on 16-09-2021 13:14 | By morepork

It isn’t the "whole thing" that is corrupt, Slim, it is certain privileged people who are so spoilt they only recognize "self". You can’t blame the system for people who believe they are above it. Strings may or may not be pulled, but it is certainly much harder to pull them in the glare of publicity. The system has not failed just because some people deliberately flout it.

Having no money...

Posted on 16-09-2021 13:10 | By morepork

... is a temporary condition and should not be a deterrent to fining someone who deserves it. The fine can be paid by regular deduction from benefit. Justice has to be for ALL, and has to be seen to be done. He did give himself up, and that should be taken into account, but there is still a large cost in contact tracing and testing, leaving aside the bad feeling that his disregard will have caused everyone else who is playing by the rules under difficult circumstances.


Posted on 16-09-2021 11:11 | By Consequences

Name and shame, good enough for lawyers, good enough for anyone else. Amount of money anyone has is nothing to do with it. Stupidity does!

Inconsistent and unfair

Posted on 15-09-2021 18:35 | By Slim Shady

Probably homeless. So “throw the book at him”?! Fine him $4k? Bollocks. Like the horsey set who went to Wanaka who will pay it in loose change. That’s if their family connections don’t pull strings to get them off. They’re the sort who will jet off overseas and get a special MIQ spot due to string pulling. The whole thing is corrupt. And as with all things corrupt the easy targets will kop it.


Posted on 15-09-2021 18:19 | By The Professor

Very good points.


Posted on 15-09-2021 17:41 | By Kancho

A fine may not work as I note it said the person visited Winz . Ergo on a benefit? No money . ? So probably home detention if they take a y notice of that anyway?

What about Ms Wiles?

Posted on 15-09-2021 16:36 | By Major Oranje

What about Siouxsie Wiles? Why isn’t she facing prosecution for her deliberate flouting of the laws she helped make?

May face prosecution?

Posted on 15-09-2021 14:38 | By The Professor

May face prosecution!!! It should be a given that this idiot is prosecuted. The maximum fine of $4000 should be ifs and no buts. Selfish idiot!!!

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