Misinformation warning after LynnMall stabbing

Police Commissioner Andrew Coster. Photo: RNZ.

Police are urging the public to exercise some caution when receiving unverified information about Friday’s LynnMall attack, through social media platforms.

While the investigation into the horrific event at LynnMall on Friday afternoon is ongoing, police have been made aware of some false information being shared on social platforms, says Commissioner Andrew Coster.

"I would urge anyone who comes across this type of information to be aware that much of what is circulating on social media platforms, is either false, or inaccurate.

"It is natural for some communities to feel more exposed to negative views. Police are working very hard with our community liaison staff to ensure local and ethnic communities feel well informed and supported."

Coster says the events at the supermarket on Friday were the actions of the deceased, who police have named as Ahamed Aathill Mohamed Samsudeen, alone, whose views were not representative of any community, and we are not seeking anyone else. 

 Police say Suamsudeen stabbed seven people at Countdown LynnMall.

He was shot by police after approaching them with a knife and died at the scene.  

Four of the seven injured in the attack are in a stable condition, while three remain in Auckland Hospital's ICU.  

"I want to reassure our community, including our ethnic communities, that we are doing everything we can to ensure their safety," says Coster.

"We are conducting high visibility reassurance patrols around places of worship and places where the number of people gathering may be larger than normal, such as at essential services. 

"We will be out and about in our communities ensuring people are and feel safe. 

"We have also been engaging with a number of ethnic community leaders."

Coster says police want to encourage anyone who has been subjected to behaviour that puts them at risk, to contact Police. 

"People have an absolute right to feel safe going about their normal activities.

"If you at any point feel unsafe call 111."

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The best way...

Posted on 07-09-2021 16:47 | By morepork

... to combat speculation and rumour, but be to ensure full and complete transparency from official sources. It is unacceptable for our people to be seriously harmed by terrorist(s) and then to be told it is a matter of "state security" and details cannot be released. If there IS critical information that could lead to MORE people being harmed, it has to be suppressed temporarily, but as soon as practicable, full details must be released. We need to know what decisions, and who made them, got us into this situation.


Posted on 07-09-2021 15:28 | By Justin T.

It appears to me that a certain section of our society have difficulty with authority, be it law or government and hold no trust in reputable news outlets or the concensus of numbers, yet they will hold steadfastly in the perception that a very very few can see the ultimate truth under all the spin and the majority of us are just gullible minions. Please someone assure me that these people do not have access to guns!

Standard response

Posted on 07-09-2021 06:53 | By Slim Shady

It seems all you have to do to cover up incompetence is throw shade on any scrutiny by calling it misinformation / conspiracy.

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