TCC labels $1.8m recruitment drive as critical

Tauranga City Council is on a recruitment drive to implement the Long-term Plan. File Image. SunLive.

A $1.8m recruitment drive is critical in achieving aims set out in the 2021-31 Long-term Plan, says Tauranga City Council.

Council are currently advertising for a total of 21 different jobs across varying roles.

Susan Jamieson, Council’s general manager of People and Engagement, suggests recruitment is only likely to increase going forward as they look to implement the LTP successfully.

“We are currently recruiting for multiple roles, and this is likely to continue over the next few months as we prepare to deliver the Long-term Plan due to be adopted on July 26,” says Susan.

“The investments included in the draft LTP represent the city’s biggest capital programme ever.

“To achieve what is proposed, we need significant investment in our people and our systems, so that we have the resources required to provide quality services and deliver the capital projects the city needs to progress.”

The total remuneration for the new roles, including KiwiSaver, is about $1.8m.

Susan states funding for the roles is incorporated into the draft LTP.

Deliberations on the LTP took place at the end of June and the plan is due to be adopted today.

The sizeable job advertisements are necessary, says Susan, to ensure the LTP is efficiently initiated.

“Our focus is to ensure we have the right resourcing to deliver the work programme set-out in our draft Long-term Plan,” she says.

“The investments involved are critical to achieving the city we all want to live, work, learn and play in.”

Whilst some of the roles are replacements, covering instances of maternity leave and retirement, others have been created to meet LTP directives.

“There’s some new or changed roles which are needed as a result of the LTP,” says Susan.

“For example, a fixed-term heritage specialist role has become full-time due to an LTP decision to increase resource in this area.

“This will help us progress essential physical preservation work to prolong the life of items in our archive and bring us into line with best practice.”

She explains many of the jobs currently being advertised centre around the Regulatory and Compliance Group.

“This covers building, environmental planning, environmental monitoring, and parking which are all key functions for a growing city like ours.”

Jobs being advertised vary in scope but include positions such as a senior urban planner, senior project manager for walking and cycling and a kāinga tupu advisor.

Susan elaborates on some of the other new roles being sought, including a newly designed energy advisor position, to help meet climate change responsibilities and those in the library.

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Posted on 27-07-2021 16:35 | By Slim Shady

And how exactly should we have binned 10b Mr know it all?

Don't bitch about the LTP...

Posted on 27-07-2021 13:29 | By morepork

... you were "consulted" on it... Commissioners held and attended many meetings all over the area, and we all know that "communication and transparency" depends on how many meetings you have. I love Democracy and it is breaking my heart to see the erosion of it in our City, but the trouble with it is that, instead of getting the Government you WANT, you, all too often, get the Government you deserve... We should have binned 10B long before the bullying, backbiting, and abuse, became irreparable, and gave Mahuta a chance to punish an Opposition seat.

So then.....

Posted on 26-07-2021 20:28 | By groutby

....apart from needing more seats to be purchased and warmed, may we assume that the contracts offered these incumbants for the implementation of the LTP will be a set period once (the LTP is) in place, these positions will be no longer required and these funds put into something benefitting the city?.....or....not...


Posted on 26-07-2021 17:33 | By nerak

The great gravy train! Convince the poor ratepayers how NECESSARY all these new jobs are. 21 more seat warmers. Really? TCC = spin bin.

Already over staffed

Posted on 26-07-2021 16:20 | By Kancho

Amazing . There are so many "managers" of seeming made up titles . And yet so much bad planning, poor execution of unnecessary projects while basic service fails

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