Bubble trouble: hopeful travellers out of pocket

Sam and Nicki Hegarty say wrong information on a Government Covid website has left them out of pocket.

Kiwi Sam Hegarty and his wife Nicki Hegarty had planned to reunite with family in New Zealand, but say the wrong information from the Government has left them nearly $500 out of pocket.


The couple, who live in northern New South Wales in Australia, travelled to Brisbane Airport to catch a Qantas flight to Christchurch on Friday, only to be stopped by the temporary trans-Tasman bubble closure.


The travel bubble was paused at 11.59pm on Thursday for anyone who had been in New South Wales after Covid-19 cases were discovered in Sydney.


Many trans-Tasman travellers' hopes of seeing family have been dashed amid the 48-hour flight pause. While some have also been left angry and upset after being unable to attend a family member's funeral.


In Christchurch, one person has been transferred to a managed isolation facility after Australian authorities identified them as a contact of an infected person in Sydney. The traveller had been at a location of interest at the same time as a positive Sydney case.


So far, 5214 people who had arrived in New Zealand from NSW since April 30 had been contacted by health authorities and provided with advice.


Global toll

The global number of cases has reached 156.3 million, according to Johns Hopkins University. Global deaths have now surpassed 3.2 million.


To date, the United States has the highest number of infections in the world - 32.6 million - followed by India with 21.4 million. India is enduring a deadly second wave of the virus, which is a disaster not only for the country, but also the world.


Some New Zealanders, who "are desperate to get out" of India, are calling for repatriation flights, which the Government has so far declined.


What should I do?

Anyone who wants to get tested can find their local testing centres by visiting the Ministry of Health website.


If you are sick, call your GP before you visit, or Healthline on 0800 358 5453.


To avoid contracting and spreading the virus, wash your hands properly, cough and sneeze into the crook of your elbow and throw tissues away immediately.

Reach out, find support from people who care, connect with your community or help a neighbour in need.

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@ The Professor

Posted on 09-05-2021 14:12 | By morepork

The same thought crossed my mind. If people were serious about getting home (and STAYING home) for the duration, they should have done it by now. Far too many have seen the situation decline and are now bleating to be rescued. Suddenly, home looks like the place to be... I’m not saying we should ban returning Kiwis, but they did get themselves into the current situation and it seems that many now expect to be bailed out. If we did provide "repatriation flights" I think passengers should agree to repay the cost (up to whatever the airline fare would be) and they would then surrender their passports for 6 months. No free rides for what was your own deliberate action.

Village idiot

Posted on 08-05-2021 16:14 | By Slim Shady

Yeah, life would be so much simpler if everybody was insular and just spent their entire existence in the same village and married their cuzzies. Putting up fences around the village and it was a nobody in or out mentality. If they happened upon any strange folk from another village whilst out foraging all hell would break loose. Sound familiar?

Repatriation flights......really?

Posted on 08-05-2021 15:35 | By The Professor

And I suppose these people want the taxpayer to foot the bill for those flights too? These people have had around 14 or 15 months to get back to NZ.

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