Father pleads guilty to stabbing son 12 times

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A father stabbed his son 12 times with a butcher’s knife in a “frenzied attack” after becoming enraged by his drinking, and said if he had had a gun, he would have shot him “and that he wanted to kill him”.

Details of the row that led to the stabbing have been revealed in the police summary of facts after Breen Makiri,​ 63, pleaded guilty at the High Court in Rotorua to one charge of attempted murder and one charge of wounding another person with reckless disregard.

As reported by Stuff, the summary notes Makiri lived with his son Breen Makiri Jr in a one bedroom unit and that their relationship had been “volatile, with the defendant wanting his son to leave the address”.

On the night of August 2, 2020, the father and son were at home with a friend of the fathers “where they all became intoxicated”.

An argument began about the volume of music being played, with Makiri Sr “annoyed that [his son] was so intoxicated that he would not take responsibility and look after his own needs”.

He asked his son to leave before “the argument got heated”, prompting the son to begin overturning furniture.

“When [the son] picked up the television and threw it, the defendant had had enough.

“He wanted to kill [his son] so began stabbing him in a frenzied attack,” the summary said.

Makiri Jr was stabbed “at least 12 times in numerous limbs and areas of his body, including his head, arms, chest and legs”.

The friend, who had been in the bedroom when the attack began, emerged and jumped between the pair, getting wounded in the shoulder with the knife.

“[The friend’s] actions caused the defendant to pause as he did not wish to hurt her,” the summary said.

“This caused the attack on [the son] to end and hence saved his life.”

Makiri Sr told police he admitted the facts as outlined and “if he had a gun he would have shot his son and that he wanted to kill him”.

Makiri Sr is set to be sentenced at the High Court in Rotorua on July 8.

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Nothing like a knife fight...

Posted on 22-04-2021 00:49 | By morepork

... to cement the family ties.... I confess that when I first read this I was just staggered, but then I remembered the deep pain that parents feel when their kids disappoint them, and kids who feel that whatever they do is never going to be enough. It isn’t far (when alcohol is added to the mix) for things to explode in the way we see here. I seriously hope this is a lesson for all concerned and they will come out of it looking for better ways to resolve their issues in the future. Violence (and especially Family Violence) is something we all need to address as a community. It has to become unacceptable, and not an option. (I hope Mr. Makiri changes his mind about his honestly stated intention regarding his son.)

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