Council needs to get back to basics

The City Council need to get back to basics and begin maintaining our roads properly. Examples of this are on Cameron Road, on the eastern side just south of Gate Pa Park, where there are previous patch repairs that have sunk, causing bumps and undulations. Some of them have been like this since last year.

Also, on the western side of Cameron Road between 15th and 16th Avenues, there is a section of road with no road markings at all, and this has also been like this since last year.

Some of the road markings leading up to this section were re-done recently but stopped before it got to where there was none. Hewletts Road is another example of road marking being in a bad state, as some are now almost invisible.

No doubt there are probably other areas in the city that also need maintenance as well. However, council seems to be able to find millions of dollars to spend on wasteful schemes like Wharf Street and Elizabeth Street. They now have another ill thought-out design for Cameron Road, and judging by their previous attempt on Cameron Road at Greerton, this will do nothing to improve traffic congestion and will more than likely only increase it. Where are our commissioners and what are their opinions on this new Cameron Road design?

Jim Gordon, Gate Pa.

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