Children’s market a success

More than 30 children got up bright and early to set up their stalls at this week’s Mount Kids Market in Mount Maunganui.

The new markets, which began in April and run on the last Sunday of each month, offer customers a range of creative and low-priced items and there is only one rule: stall holders must be younger than 16 years old.

Amy Burgess, 8, has made her items herself. Photos: Daniel Hines

The idea for the markets came from Arataki Community Centre manager Matthew Strange, who as a child used to sell plums and feijoas on the side of the road.

“I thought it would be a really good opportunity for kids to fundraise, earn some pocket money and also learn a bit of small business – like how to lay out their table out and how to talk to people.”

Matthew says while he encourages the parents to stick around, the children have to do all the selling and they receive 100 per cent of the profits.

Some of them are fundraising for sports or charities and others are making their pocket money, he says.

The children are selling all kinds of items from home-made jewellery and artwork, to clothing, shells, toys and books.

Matthew says it is really neat watching the children work on the stalls together.

“The family time is awesome and that’s something I didn’t actually anticipate.”

The first Mount Kids Market took place last month with 22 stalls.

“I got pretty much a running commentary from the kids, some kids walked away with $60 and some with $10, but they all had smiles on their faces.”

Today there are 30 stalls bidding for the customers’ favour and everyone is having fun.

Meela Scholmann is selling everything from shoes and clothing, to home-made bracelets and knitting.

She is donating 25 per cent of the profit she makes from her stall to the Starlight Foundation.

“I give 25 per cent to Starlight Foundation, I give a little bit to Mum and then I keep the rest.”

Meela says she wanted to help the charity because “they make wishes come true and stuff”.

“I had an idea that I can make Starlight Foundation bracelets.”

Her mother, Maree Scholmann, says the kids market is a great idea.

“We are just so happy to support it.”

She says it is “very cute” seeing all the children supporting each other.

Sarah and Aneria are selling home-made pictures and hair ties together and say running a stall is really fun, but lots of work.

The Mount Kids Market runs on the last Sunday of every month from 9am to 11.30am at the Arataki Community Centre.

Valeria Gomez, 5, at her stall.

Sarah, 8, and Aneira, 12, are selling home-made drawings.

Ella, 8, Tayla, 8, and Stella, 9, at their stall.

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Great initiative

Posted on 27-05-2012 19:36 | By Pamax

The Arataki Community Centre has struck a responsive cord and this "kids" market is a great learning experience for these youngsters Well done Matt Max Lewis, Mt Maunganui

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