Sprinkler and irrigation system ban now in place

People are being asked to stop using sprinklers and irrigation systems until further notice.

A city wide sprinkler and irrigation system ban begins at 12pm today, due to a combination of low flow levels in the streams that supply Tauranga’s water and the increasing high water demand our city is experiencing.

This means council is asking residents and businesses to stop using all sprinklers and irrigation systems until further notice.

Residents can continue to water their gardens, by hand-held hose or watering can, at the cooler times of day, between 5am and 8am and from 7pm to 10pm.

Director of City Waters, Stephen Burton, says water usage started climbing steeply in the past 10 days.

“A good amount of rain in November and early December has tided us over until now, but with water usage up and stream levels this low, we’re now forced to implement restrictions.

"We have not seen stream levels this low. Rainfall for Tauranga is down about 30 per cent compared to average annual rainfall, making our region much drier than normal."

The city’s current water demand is up by 23 per cent on normal average water use.

Average usage during the year is 43.7 million litres per day, during the past week demand hit 55.5 million litres per day.

Burton emphasises it’s a change in attitude.

”Every day is a water conservation day.

“Small changes in and around the house can go a long way, especially when it comes to watering the garden.”

Sprinkler and irrigation systems restrictions aim to reduce outdoor water use to ensure we avoid the need for more stringent measures.

Should water use remain high, or the situation in stream flow levels deteriorate, the next step would be an outdoor hose ban.

Tauranga continues to monitor the situation in streams in close cooperation with the Western Bay of Plenty Regional Council and will keep the community posted of changes.

Read more about stream levels and concerns at https://www.boprc.govt.nz/your-council/news/news-and-media-releases/media-releases-2020/december-2020/bay-of-plenty-streams-dropping-despite-november-rain.

For further information and tips on water conservation in and around the house, head to www.tauranga.govt.nz/savingwater.

To report water leaks or breaches to water restrictions, phone 07 577 7000.

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Posted on 27-12-2020 11:01 | By bevley

and the council wants to give us 4 rubbish bins to wash out.


Posted on 24-12-2020 17:50 | By Slim Shady

Yes I do thanks. If you look at BOPRC rainfall levels around the numerous stations the last month has shown levels between 200 and 300+% of normal levels. Where does it all go? I’ll tell you as you don’t know. Out to sea because the Council infrastructure is inadequate and has been for years. You’re in the world where mediocrity is acceptable because you don’t know any better.

Pheww, At least its only sprinklers

Posted on 24-12-2020 13:31 | By PapamoaGuy

Pheww, at least its only a sprinkler ban, and still 100% fine for all the xmas kitset disposable $100 warehouse/kmart swimming pools to still be filled...

Water restrictions

Posted on 24-12-2020 11:13 | By tia

Slim Shady, do you really know what you are talking about? You obviously have no idea of the dry conditions causing river levels to drop or the restrictions on treating water. As for suggesting ’power to the officials’ well you must be in another world.


Posted on 24-12-2020 10:51 | By Kancho

Yes nearer $4000 rates ’informed’ hardly nothing, for two people here but of course water is a separate charge anyway. I would pay double for water to be able to save around $10k of landscaping. If TCC gave me back two years of rates to cover cost I could store and pump irrigate the garden. Of course many households with more occupants struggle with rates already even though they need and pay for more water so struggle . They same for rubbish collection another added charge that one size doesn’t fit all. Small households don’t need it all and larger it’s not going to be enough and charges will change in year two. I agree water is an issue, the point is that this was a predictable issue the council has extra income of growth for many years but investment on ESSENTIALS before nice to haves.

Not informed

Posted on 24-12-2020 07:14 | By Slim Shady

$3k a year in rates is not nothing. The ban is total BS. We have a couple of dry weeks and they hit the button. They may have to do this as we have years of poor planning and financial management so moaning is justified. But my guess is that there is no need to ban but it is just some officials that have the power so they love to use it. All people in authority who are given powers find a way to exercise them regardless of whether it is necessary. Power mad.

Too little to late informed

Posted on 24-12-2020 07:07 | By Kancho

I am informed and know there is a new water plant coming but this is the third year of water restrictions and we shall see I guess whether it will be too little too late. Seems to me that Tauranga is bursting at the seams and infrastructure struggling in all areas. Traffic another problem for instance. My point is and remains all the extra income from growth has not produced infrastructure quickly enough nor sufficient enough and was hardly in predictable. Clearly rates will rise substantially and indebtedness to try and cope as people struggle to live. Are your saying it’s all ok then and no money is being wasted and planning is well in hand ? No dying gardens and no traffic problems?


Posted on 23-12-2020 19:59 | By Informed

Great opportunity to educate yourself. Their is a new treatment plant under construction, as well as capacity improvements to existing plant. Things go so slow, because of all the moaners in Tauranga that want the world, but to pay nothing.


Posted on 23-12-2020 15:49 | By R1Squid

Doesn’t apply to electricity generators. Hmm, I have a water bore and solar panel electricity generation - I’m good here.

Been coming for years

Posted on 23-12-2020 12:45 | By Kancho

Yep in spite of weather predictions and steady growth we are struggling again. This train has been coming down the track for probably ten years or more and yet infrastructure hasn’t grown nor planning for better water supply security. Storage ? other sources? Resource consents ? So we welcome growth , industry, tourists, holiday makers and the extra income but we fail to invest in essentials. Talk about " fiddling as Rome burns"

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