Community working together to solve Arataki issue

Police patrolling in Arataki on the weekend.

Police plan on attending a public meeting in Arataki on Wednesday following rise in complaints of criminal activity.

A new group has emerged on Facebook called ‘Make Arataki Safe Again’ after a number of reports of assaults, threats, street fighting and intimidation in the area.

Since it was launched on Friday, more than 1000 people have joined the group and shared their experiences, along with photos and videos of incidents.

Tauranga Police Senior Constable Dennis Bidois says they are aware of a number of disorder-related incidents in the Arataki area recently, and acknowledge that these can be concerning to locals.

“We are aware of who is involved in much of this offending and are working hard to hold those responsible to account.

“However, it's important to note that reports on social media do not always paint an accurate picture of what is happening on the ground.”

Dennis says staff regularly patrol areas of demand to help prevent incidents from occurring and provide community reassurance.

A public meeting will be held on Wednesday night at the Arataki Community Centre so that members of the public can discuss the situation and look at options for resolving it.

Meeting coordinator Diane Bennett wants the meeting to be solution-focused and has also invited representatives from Police, Tauranga City Council, iwi, Bayfair Shopping Centre and Maori wardens.

The ‘Make Arataki Safe Again’ meeting will be held at the Arataki Community Centre on Wednesday December 16 at 7pm.

“We are working closely with local iwi and community to help make sure everyone is safe and feels safe, and will be attending the public meeting on Wednesday,” says Dennis.

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Posted on 14-12-2020 16:47 | By Yadick

You cannot help those that do not want to be helped. It’s always someone else . . . Same old, same old happening in this area.

Woke World

Posted on 14-12-2020 14:47 | By Slim Shady

We have a government who have set about releasing prisoners and reducing sentencing. We have hundreds of gang bangers being sent back from Oz. Gang membership is rising exponentially. The woke Government tell them it’s not their fault. No wonder they feel justified and entitled. This is what New Zealand voted for and this is just the start. It will get worse, not better. Woke doesn’t work.

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