Fiery birthday party making science fun

Dr Michelle Dickinson performing at eight-year-old Archer’s firework themed birthday party. Photo: Supplied.

A Tauranga mum who threw a firework themed birthday party for her eight-year-old son says this type of event has the potential to spark children's interest in science.

Stacey Kemeys worked alongside Nanogirl Labs to organise the party for her son Archer and his friends, which she says was 'absolutely amazing”.

Archer got to hold fire, hold a bubble of smoke and experience other interactive, indoor firework entertainment.

The social enterprise Nanogirl Labs, founded by educator Dr Michelle Dickinson, recently launched their science-themed birthday party programme.

A Nanogirl scientist performs an hour worth of educational entertainment at each party. Themes to pick from include slime, fireworks or bubbles.

Stacey says the fireworks party went down particularly well with the group of energetic boys.

Archer and Dr Michelle Dickinson.

'You can imagine the delight eight-year-old boys have with explosions, noise and fire. It is just exactly what they are into,” she says.

They explored different aspects of fireworks - light, colour, flight and fire, through a series of science experiments.

Stacey says this type of party is a great way to make science fun and accessible for kids.

"This is not just for kids that are already into science.

'It is a really interesting way to expose kids to science who may not be into it.”

She reckons the fun approach helps children makes connections between science and the real world.

'I am a big believer in science, technology, engineering and maths education because they are all concepts we see in the real world. These parties could definitely spark something.”

She says Archer's party highlight was most definitely holding fire.

The mission of Nanogirl Labs is is to make STEM education accessible for all young people in New Zealand.

For more information, visit this page.


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