Speed limits along SH2 to be reduced

The new limits will come into effect on December 11.

Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency is reducing speed limits on State Highway 2 in the Bay of Plenty to help keep road users safe.

The new permanent speed limits from Katikati to Bethlehem, Tauranga will come into effect from Friday, December 11.

Between October and November 2019, Waka Kotahi consulted with the local community and road user groups on safe and appropriate speed limits in an effort to save lives and reduce the number of serious crashes on this stretch of SH2.

Director Regional Relationships Steve Mutton says this route is one of the highest risk roads in the Bay of Plenty.

In the 10 years from 2009 – 2018, 27 people died and 77 people were seriously injured in crashes on these roads.

“No crash resulting in death or serious injury is acceptable, so it’s important we take every opportunity to address the risk. Speed increases both the likelihood of crashes and the severity of crash outcomes, so a small change can make a huge difference.

“It’s great to be able to implement safer speeds ahead of the busy holiday period when we see a significant increase in traffic volumes on our roads."

There are more vehicles, including heavy vehicles, using this section of SH2 than ever before and it’s catering to a wide range of competing travel needs including cyclists and school children. In addition, crashes on this route can cause extensive delays and long detours if there are road closures.

“We’re currently making SH2 between Waihī and Ōmokoroa safer by improving intersections and installing roadside safety barriers, widening the road shoulder and putting in a wide centreline.

"These safety improvements are already well underway and, together with the right speed limit, will make SH2 safer for everyone.

“We thank everyone who provided a submission and feedback on the proposed speed limit changes. Together with the community’s insights and our technical review we have been able to make an informed decision on these speed limit changes.”

The following new speed limits will come into effect from Friday, December 11:

SH2 Katikati to Bethlehem, Tauranga

Existing speed limits

New speed limits from 11 December 2020

Katikati to Te Puna

From 170m south of Marshall Road to 180m east of Loop Road.

100km/h and 90km/h


Pahoia School zone

From 140m north of Pahoia Road to 365m south-east of Esdaile Road.

The variable speed limit will lower the speed limit from 80km/h outside the school to 60km/h at peak school traffic times. This is 35 minutes before the start of school until the start of school, and 20 minutes at the end of school, beginning no earlier than five minutes before the end of school.

It also may operate for 10 minutes at any other time when there is a school-related activity.

100km/h and variable 70km/h

80km/h and variable 60km/h


Te Puna

From 180m east of Loop Road to 360m east of Te Puna Road



Te Puna

From 360m east of Te Puna Road to 135m west of Te Puna Station Road.


No speed limit change*


From 135m west of Te Puna Station Road to 370m east of Bethlehem Road.

90km/h and 50km/h

No speed limit change*


*Speed limits to the east of Te Puna, and the rural/urban boundary shift west of Bethlehem, have not changed.

Waka Kotahi will re-assess the speed limit through this section in the future if the function of the road changes.

For example, due to growth and development changing the way we use the road, or if new cycling infrastructure is constructed.

More information on the permanent speed limits and our consultation summary, including the submissions can be found at: nzta.govt.nz/projects/sh2-kk-to-tauranga-permanent-speed-limits

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Posted on 28-11-2020 13:21 | By Allicia

80km/h from Katikati to Te Puna? 90km/h Te Puna area? So confusing. Why people need to speed up around Te Puna?

Road to Katikati

Posted on 13-11-2020 22:33 | By Watchdog

This road should be made four lanes as was originally proposed, I think by National. I drove to Hamilton today and the only parts of the road where I felt unsafe (With so so many huge trucks, some in convoy), were the two lane. A four lane road tunnel (perhaps witha cycle lane in it as well, although the monoxide gases might be a challenge) would be a great solution. Tauranga needs four laning from Hamilton to Katikati. Only $4billion. Just add it to the debt we already have. Plenty of jobs would come out of this.


Posted on 13-11-2020 21:54 | By terry hall

passed he picked up the phone again, you can see it on the camera.


Posted on 13-11-2020 21:52 | By terry hall

the people that thought that up must have played with dinkey cars when children, it is going to be more dangerous you do not have a main highway with different speed limits, that confuses the driver and makes it more dangerous. there is nothing wrong with the road its the idiots behind the wheel and there is thousand’s of them, my car camera records every time i go out and you should see what it picks up every time it makes your hair stand on end, its not the road, its not the car, it is the nut behind the wheel. it is about time that the police use muffti cars and patrol the highways all the time, was following a car the driver was on the phone a police car came around the corner ahead he saw it put the phone on the seat when the police car pas


Posted on 13-11-2020 20:07 | By dumbkof2

well mr professor man when you are splattered all over the road dont expect others to stop and scrape you up

Speed is a huge factor when you are talking about one lane windy roads in NZ

Posted on 13-11-2020 19:41 | By Omni

I almost can’t believe the comments so far. This is about saving peoples lives and saving lifetimes of suffering. Having just meet a man who has been permanently damaged due to an accident, anything to help slow down and make ALL our roads safer is a great thing, as is: people staying off devices when driving, actually fully concentrating (that means not eating your cereal or taking selfies, txting or checking your news feed) using the 3 second rule (no more tailgating), using indicators, sharing the road and being courteous and caring to everyone who uses the road (including people who live on and need to feed onto and off the main feeder roads) and staying UNDER the speed limit, not 5-10km or more! Drivers are all ages, and and abilities, all types of vehicles (including bikes) and we need our roads to cater for all this

Mother and grandmother

Posted on 13-11-2020 19:07 | By Gwyn

Well, it is about time. I do not understand the need for speed in this country. I have fortunately not lost a loved one to this stretch of highway or any other, and god forbid that I ever do. Lets hope that people like The Professor are picked up by the police for not obeying the amended road limits, and as for calling the NZTA wankers, it only goes to show exactly what The Professor is.

I Agree

Posted on 13-11-2020 18:31 | By Yadick

with The Professors last comment, where are the Police?

NZTA be serious

Posted on 13-11-2020 16:12 | By hapukafin

If NZTA and the Police is serious about reducing accidents and road deaths,get idiot of the road.Sort out drivers training and licensing.If it is road and speed at fault majority of the drivers would be having accidents.All this will do is creat more frustration to drivers and cause more accident.It obvious NZTA staff dont have to go to work on this road.

The Road Is Safe

Posted on 13-11-2020 14:29 | By Yadick

Nothing wrong with the road. Reducing the speed limit is not going to reduce the reckless, self centered, negligent driver. A driver was filmed over taking several times on double yellow lines and leap frogging his pathetic ar$e through traffic just last week. Reducing the speed limit and blaming the road is not the answer. Road traffic Police enforcement needs to step up. The courts need to slam them. Watch the Aussie cop shows, our penalties are pathetic in comparison. Perhaps ’crusher Collins’ needs to step her idea up and into action.


Posted on 13-11-2020 14:21 | By The Professor

So because Kiwi drivers can’t drive safely, they reduce the speed limit. I seriously hope the Police are going to ticket drivers who insist on driving 20 below the limit. Those clowns will now be doing 60 between Kati and Te Puna. Absolutely madness. How about closing off Te Puna Station Road? That’s gone quiet. That is an accident black spot.....idiot’s on the SH2 stopping to give way to drivers on the side road......where are the Police?


Posted on 13-11-2020 14:13 | By The Professor

Wankers!! NZTA clearly did not read the article in Sun Live a few months back which had speed and one of the LEAST contributing factors in accidents along this stretch of road!! Ridiculous having 80 from Kati to Te Puna. I for one will completely ignore the new limits.

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