Man arrested after an attempt to flee by sea

TECT Rescue helicopter assisted Police tonight in locating an offender who had evaded arrest by swimming offshore. File photo.

A man took to the sea off Papamoa Beach early this evening in an attempt to evade a Police arrest.

His efforts failed, as he was located by the TECT Rescue helicopter and picked up by a search rescue boat.

“Around 5.20pm Police went to an address on Papamoa Beach Rd to execute an arrest warrant,” says a Police spokesperson.

“The wanted person fled the address and entered the sea."

SunLive readers report a helicopter and an IRB rescue boat were out off Papamoa Beach between Karewa Parade and Taylor Rd.

The TECT Rescue helicopter and boat rescued the man. Photo: Ari Kerr

The man managed to get about 500m into the water before they were eventually brought to the shore and taken into custody," says a Police spokesperson.

"The helicopter located him, and then the IRB pulled him out," says a SunLive reader.

"This evening the TECT Rescue Helicopter assisted Police in locating an offender who had evaded arrest by swimming approx 750m offshore," says a TECT Rescue Helicopter spokesperson.

"He was located by the TECT Rescue Helicopter crewman, who directed the pilot to his location.

"The man was uplifted by a Surf Lifesaving NZ IRB in the water.

"The man was then met onshore by the TECT Rescue Helicopter and treated by the onboard Intensive Care Paramedic," says a TECT Rescue Helicopter spokesperson.

"He was transported to Hospital by road, in a serious hypothermic condition accompanied by the flight intensive care paramedic."

The 38-year-old man is due to appear in Tauranga District Court tomorrow.

Police waiting for the man to be brought ashore so he can be arrested. Photo: Ari Kerr

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@ Slim Shady

Posted on 29-08-2020 08:27 | By Yadick

You do make a good point here but I do wonder if he got pulled out in a ’helpful’ rip or if he went skinny dipping . . . If not then I totally agree - a great effort . . . Great outcome too though or he could’ve died.


Posted on 28-08-2020 07:31 | By Slim Shady

Good effort. 750m in cold seas in your clobber is very impressive.

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