Ratepayers take notice

WBOP Tauranga ratepayers you have a crisis regarding a portion of land on Matakana Island called Pane Pane Pt which was originally purchased under the Public works Act 1923 by the then Tauranga Harbour Board. Namely for the reason to position marine shipping beacons there to guide ships into the Tauranga harbour.

Also, it was decided that these barren sand dunes required stabilising to stop the erosion and sand sliding into the main shipping lane to the Tauranga harbour.

Now also planted in Pine Trees to stabilise the sand, and all this still being used today for what it was purchased for.

In 1989 the property was transferred to WBOP District Council - another public office - when a restructure programme was underway.

Matakana People are always wanting this land returned, but as per usual at no cost.

The law under the Public Works Act says that it should only be returned to whom it was purchased from or the descendants of, if it is not being used for what it was purchased for at market value price, but it is still being used for the purpose it was purchased for.

Remember if WBOP District Council gives this back to Matakana Maori as proposed [2017 GV $5.5million] your rates will possibly have to be increased to compensate for the loss of council income from this property.

Not to mention this property was purchased in 1923 under the Public Works Act so to give this property away is illegal under the law.

Ratepayers, it is in all your best interest to vote on this issue on the council website under the heading ‘Have your say’.


C Humphreys, Katikati

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