China attitudes ‘unfair’

Secession, subversion, terrorism, and collusion with foreign forces, we have legislation and laws to deal with these issues, in fact most if not all developed countries have these laws.

Spying and colluding with others again we in the developed world carry out and participate in these acts as well, citing we are merely defending our country.

Competition and entrepreneurialism is hailed as the great economic builder in developed and developing countries.

When America started a trade war with China supported by its puppet Five Eyes spy ring; Australia, Canada, Britain, and New Zealand, to stop China’s expansion in financial funding, technology, and business innovation globally, it also contradicted their own laws regulations and ideals as well as taking us all back to the cold war era.

America is known for posturing and threating others that do not support its undemocratic bulling, and our government supports these actions.

I wonder if New Zealand had social dissent and violent protests to overthrow our political, and legal way of life, whether we would be more tolerant and surrender peacefully. It appears to me we only want China to buy our produce, and spend money here. A very unfair attitude indeed and it will hurt us eventually.

Richard Stewart, Te Puke

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