Biased referendum pamphlets

Have you read the Government funded cannabis legislation and control referendum information pamphlet that has been arriving in our letter boxes?

The initial page highlights the five points the public are being asked to vote for or against. This portion seemed acceptable.

Can someone explain to me then why the next three pages, which is totally biased in favour of the bill of course, have to be funded by we the tax-paying public of New Zealand?

Remember these pamphlets will be delivered to every letterbox in the nation. In my opinion it seems a very unfair act on behalf of the government to promote the bill this way using our funds.

Lorraine Shirley, Judea

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Very fair point.....

Posted on 07-08-2020 20:10 | By groutby

.....but no, we will not have the explanation you require, as fairness and balance is not on the goverment’s agenda is it?

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