Three car crash reported on SH29

Traffic is gridlocked on SH29. Photo and video: Mike Cork.

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State Highway 29 is blocked in both directions following a crash near Tauriko.

NZTA is advising moritists to expect delays due to a between the roundabout at Tauriko/SH36 and Cambridge Rd. 

A police spokesperson says the crash occurred around 3.15pm and involved three cars. 

Victims have moderate to minor injuries at this stage. 

Motorists are asked to avoid the area while the lanes are blocked but tow wagons are on the way, says the spokesperson. 

A SunLive reader has messaged us on Facbeook to says traffic is gridlocked at the roundabout near SH36.

Three cars are reported to be involved.

The reader says the crash is on the hill between Tauriko School and The Lakes roundabout.

"Traffic is being turned around."

Eastbound traffic is being advised to use Cambridge Rd to Waihi Rd to SH2. Westbound Traffic use SH29 to SH2, Waihi Rd to Cambridge Rd.

SunLive is working on getting more information and will provide an update when we can.

At the scene?

Call 0800 SUNLIVE or email photos to

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State Hwy 29 and Cambridge Rd

Posted on 27-08-2020 21:25 | By Maur

Definitely need a roundabout at the end of Cambridge Rd. leading into SH29. Almost impossible to turn right onto the road leading up the Kaimais. Very scarey. Sometimes people on the left, turning right, in front of you, let you go. I’ve given up now and turn left, towards the Lakes and go round their roundabout and come back up past the end of Cambridge Rd. Just too risky to go up against the logging trucks and other traffic.

Cambridge Rd /SH29 ??

Posted on 31-07-2020 21:59 | By The Caveman

Its, about time that NZTA either stuck TRAFFIC LIGHTS on that intersection OR put a ROUNDABOUT on it. QUICK FIX - TRAFFIC LIGHTS!!! EXPENSIVE AND FIVE YEAR FIX - a roundabout! Either way before NZTA do anything, there will be at least 20 - YES TWENTY - more deaths on what is one of the MOST DANGEROUS intersections in the BOP. You have HEAVY trucks on SH29 - doing what they are allowed to - speed wise !!! And you have drivers of CARS & vans coming out of Cambridge Road, that DO NOT APPRECIATE what they are looking at - TRUCKS at 90km!!! AND - no apologies - 50% of the car drivers have NO IDEA that they are going to "mix it" with a 45 ton truck when they pull out of Cambridge Road

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