New course aims to prevent student drownings

International students in New Zealand are at particular risk of drowning. File image/SunLive.

Water Safety New Zealand has partnered with EdTech company, AgentBee, to increase international student awareness of water safety and prevent drownings.

'Sadly, the data shows that international students in New Zealand are at particular risk of drowning” says WSNZ CEO Jonty Mills.

'By working with AgentBee we can ensure that more international students coming here understand the basics of water safety specific to New Zealand conditions.”

While the New Zealand government says it is unlikely that international students will be able to enter the country this year, it is working on options for their return in early 2021.

Ahead of their return the two organisations have developed an online course for education agents which provides key information on water safety in New Zealand that agents can pass on to international students and their families.

'Education agents are responsible for recruiting almost 50 per cent of international students who enrol in New Zealand's universities” says AgentBee's Geoff Field.

'Agents deal face-to-face with students and their families before they leave their home countries, so they present a great opportunity to start early messaging on water safety.”

WSNZ CEO Jonty Mills. Supplied image.

The course covers critical water safety issues, including beach safety, river safety, cold water survival and New Zealand's Water Safety Code.

'Many educational institutions do a good job of educating international students on water safety when they arrive in New Zealand,” says Jonty.

'But encouraging education agents to take the course can start that important messaging earlier in the student's study abroad journey.

'The aim is to ensure that more international students arrive with an awareness of the risks in New Zealand, and where to get more information to keep themselves safe.”

The Water Safety New Zealand course is available now on AgentBee.


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