Free on-street parking in Tauranga city centre

Time-restrictions are in place for the free city parking. File photo.

On-street parking is now free in the Tauranga City centre.

Time restrictions will be enforced to help keep parking spaces available for shoppers and business customers.

"There’s currently a three-hour parking time limit in most city centre streets," says a Tauranga City Council spokesperson.

"This will be changed to a two-hour limit in August after the Traffic and Parking Bylaw 2012 has been amended."

Anyone parking for more than two hours is encouraged to use the parking buildings or the all-day off-street car parks.

"People who work all day in the city centre are reminded that Bayhopper buses are free until 27 July, 2020.

"Staff will monitor the effect of the free parking trial and report back to the council on November 30."

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@ Bruja

Posted on 20-07-2020 23:26 | By Yadick

Well written, well said.

not many shops left

Posted on 20-07-2020 17:35 | By A M Lusby

The problem is there are not many shops selling reasonably priced things, or things that the average person actually needs.

Well Done!

Posted on 20-07-2020 15:10 | By Lvdw

Thank you TCC for finally listening to your residents. You have to entice people to come back into the city, and free parking is one way of doing this.

Better late than never I suppose.

Posted on 20-07-2020 15:03 | By Kancho

Think this has been suggested many times over the years as the city centre spiralled downwards. This may have helped a year or two ago let’s hope it’s not another too little too late

Good! LONG Overdue!

Posted on 20-07-2020 13:30 | By Bruja

However, don’t go making it some sort of short-term trial. For goodness sake, open your eyes and your minds!! This will need to be for a minimum of 5 years or people won’t bother changing their habits. You need to do some SERIOUS wooing of customers! CBD landlords also need to get ’real’ 50% of current rent is better than no rent, a comatose chimp could see that! Also business owners start asking people what shops they need not what shops you’ve decided to open. You’ll ALL need to do these things and more but the free a very good start. I’d love my CBD back!!! Earn your money folks! We have the climate and the beautiful harbour. No reason we shouldn’t be BOOMING! Too much greed, too little caring I think....sorry....but I do.

Good move.

Posted on 20-07-2020 13:13 | By morepork

It’s a start. I’ll definitely revisit town and take a look around. Might even do some shopping... :-)


Posted on 20-07-2020 11:52 | By stephennel

Not even 24/7 free parking will motivate me to enter the CBD. When will our city planners ever grasp the concept of de-centralization?

hang on a minute

Posted on 20-07-2020 11:17 | By old trucker

Does this mean that the enforcers of the parking are stood down during this time or are they going to stay inside on fullpay, they probably will go further out to ping you, i notice that they have BRAND SPANKING NEW CARS FOR METERS enforcement,Anyway Sunlive thats me pennies worth, being No1 in News is AWESOME,Thankyou, 10-4 out. phew.

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