Meditation for the masses

Alternative Solution Convention organisers Linda Ho and Clare Williams want to raise awareness of suicide in the Papamoa community, whilst also providing support to those that are struggling with mental health issues. Photo: John Borren.

When the crowd goes into deep meditation at Simpson Reserve next weekend they will reflect on four deaths – four young people from Papamoa who took their own lives last year.

“It’s to share love and raise awareness because I have lost four people I know through my community - all young Maori and it is so terribly sad,” says event co-organiser Clare Williams.

“We want to remember the people we’ve lost, send them our blessings and also extend that blessing to anyone battling with mental health issues right now,” says event co-organiser Linda Ho.

It’s about bringing people together in a positive energy space, helping connect them to solutions, the pair say.

And they will do exactly that to kick off the Alternative Solution Convention next weekend.

According to Clare, meditation is a tool that plays a crucial role in mental wellbeing.

“We will show people how to meditate and connect with their breath. This is for everyone, not just people who meditate already.

"If people can learn to meditate for a minute a day – it will make a difference to your daily life – that’s the message we want to get out there,” she says.

“In meditation, we will open our hearts and radiate its energy out over this earth, over all people, and bless them with our intention for healing and health,” says Linda.

They expect to see more than 60 people turn out on Saturday, January 24.

Alongside the meditation, attendees will attend talks and workshops on mindset, nutrition and the environment.

"You are going to see alternative ways to heal, eat, move, think and gain wealth," says Clare.

Both convention organisers work in wellness spaces in Tauranga. Clare a life coach and Muay Thai teacher, and Linda an NLP coach and hypnotherapist.

They say it’s their mission to see people walk out “inspired and transformed”.

When asked about the mass meditation theme, Clare says it’s because everyone knows someone impacted by suicide.

“It’s something at the front of many minds across the country. What New Zealand has gone through in the last 12 months with suicide is just awful.”

The event will be held at Papamoa Sports and Recreation Centre next Saturday. It’s for all ages and several food trucks will also be on site.

Eco and health products, crystals, reiki, tarot, energy healing and hypnotherapy will also be available.

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