Stickers on signs a criminal offence

The Harington Street stop sign.

Placing stickers on government signs could be seen as a criminal offence.

Recently, a sticker was placed on the Harington Street stop sign in the Tauranga CBD. It was placed so the sign read ‘STOP eating animals’.

A Tauranga City Council spokesperson says the council is aware of the sticker on the sign and says several similar cases have been brought to their attention.

“We are aware that several ‘STOP’ traffic signs in the city centre have been defaced with these stickers.

“A job to remove them was logged with our contractor prior to Christmas. We anticipate the stickers being removed shortly.”

Manager of network safety and sustainability, Martin Parkes says council considers this to be intentional damage similar to the criminal offence of defacing property by graffiti vandalism.

“It may potentially be treated more seriously than graffiti given that it is a ‘STOP’ traffic sign used to control traffic. Interference with traffic signs has the potential to cause crashes and serious harm.

“If the offenders are identifiable – such as through CCTV footage, or a witness statement – then council, or any member of the public who witnesses such behaviour, can report the offenders to the police.

“It would be a matter for the police to investigate and determine whether they would prosecute the offence.”

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Posted on 10-01-2020 12:31 | By morepork

An excellent response and I agree 100%. I hope Sollygirl and other passionate Vegetarians will consider your points. Persuasion to a point of view should be gentle, by example where possible, or by reasoned argument, but never "in your face".

Hey Sollygirl

Posted on 09-01-2020 17:50 | By Yadick

Firstly it’s an idea not worth considering - it’s illegal. Secondly I wasn’t drawn into thinking about either of those ’facts’ in fact quite the opposite. Illegal activity is not the way to draw people toward your agenda. In fact it pushed me further away. Our Son Vegan by choice and does not force it onto others, does not participate in illegal activity, (that Daddy knows of :-) anyway ) but does still get the message out there. Sollygirl, don’t give any backing to illegal activity to promote your message. You can get it out there with more impact than criminal activity and public nuisance. For the record, I back our Son and his message but do love a good steak :-)

An idea work considering

Posted on 09-01-2020 13:10 | By Sollygirl

Attaching witty notes to public signs is a criminal offence however it draws our attention to two relevant issues: the inhumane treatment of farmed animals for our over-consumptive dining pleasure and the extent to which agriculture contributes to our carbon emissions (almost 50%). While the perpetrators of the sign defacement are breaking the law with their actions they are RIGHT ON with their moral stance.

Sign Writers

Posted on 09-01-2020 12:37 | By Yadick

Just go visit the sign writers and check if their machines/computers have these graphics loaded. Someone’s got them done somewhere.

Another example...

Posted on 09-01-2020 12:33 | By morepork

…(even if an imaginative one...) of people using a public resource to further their own agenda. Did you seriously think people will be converted to vegetarianism by this? It’s illegal. (I don’t agree it is dangerous...) Stop doing it.

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